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2014 Geneva Watchmaking Sihh Preview-piaget Piaget Altiplano 900p World’s Thinnest Mechanical Watch

It’s not just a movement, nor just the case—more precisely, the two complement each other: Piaget solemnly recommends the Altiplano 38mm 900P watch, the world’s thinnest mechanical wrist table. The hand-wound movement is combined with the case elements and designed as a single entity that is truly one-piece, creating a record-breaking 3.65mm slim achievement. Characterizing Piaget’s remarkable skills in ultra-thin watchmaking for half a century, the Altiplano 38mm 900P watch combines the two great achievements of Piaget’s family, bringing together watchmakers, case makers and designers. Different talents give this masterpiece a reliable and precise vitality.

 PIAGET Altiplano 900P watch

When the movement and case of the world’s thinnest mechanical watch are integrated
2014 is an important moment for the count. The Piaget family is celebrating the 140th anniversary of the founding. In order to keep track of this important milestone, Piaget has launched a masterpiece that can define the next generation of ultra-thin fine watchmaking: the Altiplano 38 mm 900P watch. Even though it clearly points to the cutting edge of innovation, it is indeed a tribute to historical sources. The name 900P is derived from Piaget’s first 9P ultra-thin manual winding movement introduced in 1957. The thickness of this movement is only 2 mm, which became the key to Piaget’s development of ultra-thin watchmaking. By 1960, Piaget had already established a 12P movement with a thickness of only 2.3 mm, setting the record for the world’s thinnest automatic movement. In the years that followed, Piaget made a remarkable record of a series of basic or complex manual and automatic winding movements in the history of the development of slim movements, such as the 600P movement, the world’s thinnest long Square manual winding tourbillon movement; 1208P movement, the world’s thinnest automatic winding movement. The count’s superb accomplishments are beyond hope.
Amazingly slim achievements
Constantly reaffirming Piaget’s love for ultra-thin machinery, Piaget’s fine watchmaking workshop has developed more than 23 ultra-thin movements among its 35 self-developed movements, and 12 of them are In the past few years, it has repeatedly set ultra-thin records, and now it has become an important member of the ultra-thin watchmaking series. The outstanding skills of the top peak are impressive, and each new achievement has set a new milestone and accumulated a rich treasure of professional technology. It is this special skill that drives the Earl’s family to continuously push the boundaries of artistic expression and the idea of ​​technological innovation to the extreme through a series of uniquely limited works. The definition of the latter is not only the slimness that reaches the peak, but also the reliability without compromise-the highest standard controlled and selected by the workshop. The amazing achievements created by the dual-material challenge have been clearly demonstrated by the continuous production of 23 ultra-thin movements since its introduction, and the 430P among them has been recognized as the most widely produced ultra-thin today because of its excellent tolerance Manually wound movement.

PIAGET Altiplano 900P watch (back)

The collection of the production process of the movement and the case
Making ultra-thin watches is an ongoing challenge for Piaget. Since the initial plan draft, all plan participants must be able to foresee that all design details under the prerequisites will meet stringent functional, aesthetic, and durability standards, with a substantial reduction in volume. Only a few manufacturers adopt this type of research and development strategy, and few workshops mobilize their own designer teams to develop and produce their own cores and cases with strict quality control. Piaget is one of this unique community. member. The Altiplano 38 mm 900P watch resembles an integrated case and movement, making it the thinnest movement watch in the history of horology. This initiative originates from the confluence of two other professional achievements: one is La Côte aux Fées, a watchmaking workshop of Piaget, which manufactures movements with traditional methods; the other is Plan, which is carefully crafted into a watch case. -les-Ouates plant. Today, these two expertise are closely integrated on the Altiplano 38 mm 900P watch, becoming a single entity that is inseparable from internal machinery and external components.
For up to three years, watchmakers, case makers and designers have worked closely in the development of watchmaking processes for R & D, production, correction and final finishing, with a view to turning this amazingly slim concept into reality. Each technical option adopted leads to an aesthetic expression, and vice versa. When the 145 parts that make up the Altiplano 38 mm 900P watch have been reduced to a minimum, some components are even less than the thickness of the hair-including the wheel train with a thickness of only 0.12 mm (compared to the thickness of the traditional train with a thickness of 0.20 mm), space The gap is carefully arranged. In other words, during the manufacturing process, the detailed components of the movement are subtly repaired to a level of close to one hundredth of a millimeter to create a mechanism that allows the fixed and mobile components to interact harmoniously, and establish that the latter can move freely to ensure the mechanical structure Run smoothly.
The heart of the world’s thinnest mechanical watch
However, the amazing ultra-thin mystery is reflected in the case. The case back is also part of the movement’s main splint structure, which combines the movement with the case. The latter’s back cover is processed directly to the specifications of the movement to facilitate assembly of the movement parts. The highly complex construction method means reorganizing the movement structure, placing the bridge on the side of the dial-a layout with aesthetic effects, which makes it clear from sight. In order to free up a few millimeters of precious margin, the entire mechanical mechanism and pointer system are hidden in the thickness of the balance wheel, thereby achieving the eccentric hour and minute instructions that echo the iconic Altiplano series. These features further enhance the overall visibility of the wheel train, and invite watch owners to appreciate the heart pulse that is emanating from this extremely thin, technologically advanced mechanical mechanism. In this extremely small space, Piaget planned a hanging barrel on a single bridge on the side of the dial, which is very different from the traditional barrel fixed on the side of the main splint. The break-through design does not hinder the perfect performance of the mechanism. The Altiplano 38 mm 900P watch generously provides about 48 hours of power.
Major breakthrough in improving reliability Patent pending
When a watch is subjected to strong pressure, such as immersion in water, the watch glass or crystal glass is slightly deformed. This physical phenomenon is often overlooked in traditional watches, but it cannot be ignored in ultra-thin watches. In the extremely narrow watch compartment, when the glass of the watch is deformed, the hands may be squeezed, which will cause the movement of the movement to stop. In order to avoid any similar situation for ultra-thin watches, Piaget pioneered the development of a revolutionary mechanism (patent pending), representing a major breakthrough in the field of ultra-thin watchmaking that promotes the reliability of watch timing. Unconventionally, the pointer was installed on the bridge, Piaget installed it on the bottom side of the bridge, which freed up space for the minute hand and crystal mirror. When the watch mirror is physically deformed under pressure, it will not press the pointer under the bridge, but will apply pressure to the wheel bridge, thus avoiding any harm to the movement frequency of the movement.

It is equipped with a 900P movement and the case thickness is only 3.65mm.

Uncompromising grooming details
Even though Piaget reduced the thickness of the ultra-thin watch components to the minimum, there was no compromise on the reliability of the movement’s operation. The same is true of the finishing and polishing standards of the movement, let alone the Altiplano 38 mm 900P wrist table. Although some of its 145 detailed components are out of sight, all of them have undergone buffing polishing procedures to meet Piaget’s supreme watchmaking tradition, and the extreme thin specifications of the detailed components make the polishing process It’s getting harder and harder, it takes countless hours of focus and patience to complete.
The main splint carved from the back of the case is polished brightly and matte, and the wheel train is alternately polished with radial sunbursts or circles. Partially hollowed to reveal the subtle and complicated mechanical structure of the Altiplano 38 mm 900P watch, the bridge that has been manually chamfered and radiated by sunburst is plated with black to create an elegant color contrast with the white gold case. The special power correction system even more embellishes the letter ‘P’, representing the Piaget brand, sounding an impressive movement in subtle fine watch symphony.
Unlimited Altiplano
The Altiplano, which stretches 1,500 kilometers across the Andes, meaning ‘the plateau’ in Spanish, is the highest inhabited place in the world, with an average elevation of 3,650 meters. The latter echoes the extreme thinness of the Altiplano 38 mm 900P with a thickness of only 3.65 mm! Under the influence of strong winds for many years, the sparse vegetation on the plateau has formed a broad, barren, barren flat landform, except for precious natural products such as gold, silver and copper. Inspired by this ethereal landscape, Piaget’s Altiplano series-based on the mechanical mechanism-also contains treasures in its pure modern style. The eccentric dial alternates timeless classic contemporary interpretations with single and double time scales. Covered with a coat of 18K white gold, the new Altiplano 38 mm 900P watch, despite its unique configuration and still using a seemingly simple single bearing, may be forgotten that he is truly the world’s thinnest No mechanical watch has ever known Altiplano so powerfully as its name …


Hubble King Extreme Alinghi Sailing Team Limited Edition

The Supreme King Alinghi Sailing Team Limited Edition, the Alinghi has won two America’s Cup regattas, and has made a good start on the road to defending this year.

     ‘I don’t want sports games and business to get too close.’ This has always been the common wish of sports fans around the world. Especially for the rich who are willing to spend a lot of money on sailing-since they chose sailing in a variety of entertainment methods, they naturally value it without any utilitarian color, and all achievements are generated by freely fighting the waves on the route. And those companies that can form a deep friendship with sailing and become sponsors of the event also use achievements as a link. Together they inspire each contestant, board the bow, extend their legs out of the ship’s side, watch the terrifying sea with white waves, and repeat the experience of weightlessness