After several years of technological research and development, the new high-tech material Ceramos®, which combines high-tech ceramics and metal, was born, as a new appearance in the RADO D-Star series. RADO Swiss radar D-STAR series
The design of RADO’s D-STAR series watches is inspired by the brand’s first hard-wearing DiaStar series launched in 1962 and surpassed again on the basis of excellence. The bevelled oval shape wraps the round dial. The entire watch is seductive and dynamic, with no false accents. With the unique smooth lines of the Swiss radar, the case and the strap are perfectly combined into a powerful one-piece design.
    RADO Swiss radar D-STAR Ceramos automatic mechanical watch RMB15,000
The RADO D-STAR series automatic mechanical watch with sharp outline and streamlined shape also adopts silver details and uses fluorescent hands to highlight the visual effect. Through the back of the sapphire crystal case, the movement of the automatic movement can be seen at a glance, and at the same time it is specifically expressed by the moving anchor on the black dial. The time is precisely displayed with the date box at three o’clock on the dial.
   RADO D-STAR Ceramos Watch
ADORADO’s female model of D-Star series adopts mother-of-pearl dial, and the ring mark is used to highlight the time mark on the dial.
The unusual open style gives the RADO D-Star watch a modern look, while also adding an easy-to-read comfort, so it is a perfect symbol of fusion of power and simplicity.