Month: May 2016

Masterpieces Of Jaeger-lecoultre Jaeger-lecoultre Classic Tourbillon 3 Master Series Watch

In 2013, the superb traditional tourbillon 3 master watch with a Gyrotourbillon spherical flying tourbillon and a spherical balance hairspring (MasterGrandeTraditionGyrotourbillon3) became an indisputable 20 upon its release. A masterpiece of the first century. The upper bridge disappeared, and the door to the microcosm opened—two delicate tourbillon dances with two tourbillon frames. Ultra-light materials make micro-mechanics a reality-Gyrotourbillon spherical tourbillon contains more than a hundred parts, but the total weight is less than one gram. With the blue balance wheel in 14K gold, the three-dimensional movement of the hairspring is amazing. The surprise doesn’t stop there. In addition to the excellent accuracy of the ball-shaped tourbillon, this timepiece is also equipped with the first instant digital timer, which is another pioneering creation of the watch.

In order to add glory to the HybridArtistica’s extraordinary and complex craftsmanship series, this timepiece with outstanding performance highlights its masculine charm with a tantalum gold case. Tantalum made its debut in the early twentieth century. This unfamiliar metal is extremely hard, highly resistant to corrosion, and extremely difficult to process. The watchmaker of the watch factory had to use a new method to build the case, so that its shape fully displayed the charming characteristics of tantalum. Dark gray tantalum has a blue luster and is full of vitality. The watch is equipped with black hour and minute dials, a dark gray chronograph dial, and is equipped with a ruthenium-plated movement to highlight the avant-garde creative spirit.

The superb traditional Tourbillon 3 Master Series watch with tantalum case is bound to become one of the most successful watch masterpieces of this century.

Technical parameters
Jaeger-LeCoultre 176 manual winding mechanical movement
592 parts
21,600 vibrations per hour
48 hours power reserve
Double barrels
82 gems
Thickness: 11.15 mm
Functions: hour and minute display, ball flying tourbillon, blue ball spring, instant digital timer, started by a single button at 2 o’clock, 24-hour day and night display
Case: Tantalum, diameter 43.5 mm, water-resistant to 50 meters
Dial: ruthenium gold, black opal hands, crown-shaped hands
Crown: Tantalum
Strap and buckle: crocodile leather strap with adjustable folding buckle
Limited 1 piece
(Picture / text watch home Xie Xin)


Two Diving Watches To Explore The Secrets Of The Ocean

Diving is a fashionable sport that has emerged in recent years. Since its emergence, it has been sought after by fashionable people. Today I will introduce two diving watches for everyone, I believe they will be of great help to the diving trips of watch lovers.
Omega Ocean Universe Chronograph Series

 The Omega Seahorse series Ocean Universe was born in 2005. It specializes in professional diving functions and uses the coaxial technology that Omega prides itself on. It has been well received in the industry. In 2011, Omega upgraded the Ocean Universe series again, with a water-resistant depth of 600 meters, and a coaxial movement and a silicon spring for more accurate travel. This section of the Ocean Universe uses the Omega 9300 automatic mechanical movement, a 45.5-diameter black dial with an orange bezel, a 60-hour power reserve, and a back-designed 600-meter waterproof. You can wear it at any time to explore the underwater world.
Grand Mercure Paris MATZO PARIS

 The Grand Mercure Paris MATZO PARIS first introduced this ‘Deep Sea Dragon’ watch. This watch captures the mysterious ocean and modern urban elements. It boldly uses a hot and dazzling touch of orange to give this professional diving watch a cheerful and fresh personality: The first hour-clock scale design outside the dial, with a quarter orange rendering, like a jumping sun, sprinkled randomly on a corner of the wrist. UFO body precision speed scale, advanced mineral glass back through MATZO hand-polished precision automatic movement, at the same time has a precision three-dimensional engraved chronograph window and precision engraved international weekly calendar and date window, sword-shaped precision hour and minute hands, MAZTO unique Cupid seconds , All have luminous function, full of coolness, the whole shape looks like a mysterious instrument sneaking under the sea.
In addition to its cool appearance, the ‘Deep Sea Dragon’ watch has excellent diving functions: a sturdy stainless steel case, a non-slip unidirectional ratcheting rotating bezel, a screw-in precision waterproof crown, and a reinforcement device with helium discharge Door, Paris Grand Mercure MATZO PARIS advanced 12-point screw-in sealed waterproof technology, extraordinary waterproof performance up to 2000 meters, ultra-long arrow stopwatch tachymeter hands and precision seconds scale, diving automatic timing rotating bezel, make time more accurate Grasp the large super luminous hands and graduated hour markers. The high-grade sapphire anti-glare crystal surface is clear and easy to read. As if the sun shines through the layers of seawater on the wrist, it is the best partner for you to swim in the deep ocean. The entire design adopts the exclusive fashion design of Grand Mercure Paris, which is precision-made in Switzerland.
 After reading these two dive watches, quickly put them on to explore the secrets of the blue ocean away from the noisy city.


Richard Miller Launches New Rm 016 & Rm 019

Richard Mille’s new RM 016 Titalyt® model has an outstanding appearance, and its case has been treated with an exclusive process. The titanium oxidation process uses electric plasma technology to enhance the hardness of the metal, thereby enhancing its resistance to friction, abrasion and corrosion, meeting the AMS 2488D space flight material standard. This material-compatible process is used by the spaceflight, automotive, and pharmaceutical industries. Due to its unique and refined colors, the RM 016 Titalyt® case is memorable, and the case is shock-proof and scratch-resistant. RM 016
Material: Stainless steel
Movement: Cal. RM 016 automatic winding movement
Function: hour, minute, date display
Table diameter: 49.8mmx38mm
Kinetic energy: 55 hours
Mirror: Sapphire crystal
     The Richard Mile women’s series launched the RM019 ‘Celtic knot’ female tourbillon watch, which successfully combined the mystery with the watch technology. The most amazing part of this new product is the Celtic knot with diamonds. Woven into all parts of the movement, the barrel, the power reserve display and the tourbillon are connected to form an endless cycle, the hour and minute hands passing through are asymmetrical, and the flowing lines around this Celtic knot In operation, the Celtic knot symbol is also called ‘mysterious knot’ or ‘eternal knot’, which symbolizes the endless life; it symbolizes the long life and the endless reproductive cycle.
RM 019
Material: Stainless steel
Movement: Cal. RM 019 self-winding movement
Function: hour and minute display
Table diameter: 45mmx38.3mm
Kinetic energy: 48 hours
Mirror: The bottom plate of the sapphire crystal watch is made of black agate and a series of cryptocrystalline quartz pith with silicon dioxide (SiO2) as the component, with agate with black and white parallel lines. Known as true black agate, this gem has the power to disperse the earth’s harmful energy because it enhances stability. Because of this magical power, people believe that black agate can block bad thoughts and is regarded as a stone of balance and inspiration. To help the visual senses, the RM 019 features a newly developed power reserve display, which incorporates a differential drive system that connects directly to the barrel. Through a red line engraved on the surface, the power reserve barrel is rotating intuitively, making it easy for the wearer to know when it is necessary to wind.


Boucheron Epure D’ Art Art Series

The EPURE art series is a masterpiece that pays tribute to nature. The real art comes from imitating nature. This free and living benefactor is just like the creative spirit of the Florence Renaissance cabinet. In the art series, Each of the works is the top creation of a craftsman, showing amazing mosaic craftsmanship in a miniature space. Fortunately, Boucheron has the most talented jewellery craftsmen and watchmakers. Boucheron has been able to provide top-level rich art collections, combined with extremely diverse technical craftsmanship.

What could be more symbolic than this flower?
On a polished black gallite surface, a white K gold pansy blooms with six petal snowflakes and diamond petals. The centres of the six closely-set diamond pistils are presented with extremely fine gold beads and extremely fine openwork. In this tiny space, artisans use more than 250 diamonds to outline the beauty of blooming flowers.
Pansy is a symbol of love and loyalty, as well as a symbol of desire. Federico Boucheron was aware of this and could be seen in the necklaces, brooches and crowns he created to commemorate this flower. Before each trip, Fedrick will give his wife Gabrielle a bouquet of pansies and a note that reads: ‘I will miss you (Je pense à toi)’. This love memorial became a permanent token of the happy time they spent together.


A golden ear of wheat that shines with beauty
If the pansy watch wins everyone’s attention for its hollow-out technique, the EPURE BLE D’ OR art series wheat ear watch will deeply impress people with extraordinary poetry. Two wheat ears carved in white gold are placed on the left side of the surface, and the tip of the drooping ear is bent to the right, as if swinging in the breeze. The diamond-paved grain has slightly different heights, creating an extraordinary weaving effect that highlights the mysteries of nature. The delicate tips of the wheat ears are lifelike, and the wheat ears interweave a rich layer.
Symbol of wheat ears
Showing the vitality of nature, human beings have long cultivated wheat and many civilizations regard it as a gift from God. In Van Gogh’s paintings, wheat represents the vitality of nature bathed in the sun. Wheat is also a symbol of happiness and fertility. During the Roman period, newlyweds had to sprinkle wheat kernels. Wheat spike is a token of love, and it also symbolizes power and wealth in some poetic and mysterious traditions. In Egypt, the god Osiris created wheat and is considered a symbol of apocalypse and abundance.


Paris ivy is an ode to love
On the ivy wreath carved from white gold, the leaves inlaid with snowflakes and diamonds are intertwined in a clever and continuous way. Lifelike tree carvings, as if they were made of wood with annual rings.
Here we can see that Bao Shilong’s fascination with ivy has remained the same since the creation of Bao Shilong’s famous ivy-shaped question mark necklace in 1883. Ivy’s love is also reflected in the Lierre de Paris collection of the 2012 Ivy Biennale.
Ivy is a hardy plant with lush foliage that always grows on attached trees. The symbolic meaning in medicinal plants represents attachment and eternal love.
All civilizations praise the ivy. In Egypt, it symbolizes eternal life because it can live for 400 years. In ancient Greece, ivy was one of the symbols of Dionysus. When Zeus appeared and thunder and lightning increased, Bacchus protected himself with ivy. Since then, Bacchus has always worn a crown of ivy as an amulet. In the Middle Ages, ivy leaves were thought to protect men from confusion and were a powerful symbol of love.

EPURE OLEIA Art Olive Leaf Watch

The olive tree is a symbol of peace and strength
Olive leaves symbolize strength and peace. The carved olive branches and leaves unfold before our eyes, and the veins are paved with diamonds. The fine details capture everyone’s attention, and its magic comes from the combination of elegance and fine lines.
The Greeks awarded the Olympic winner an olive branch with a dovetail. It also symbolizes the patience and firm loyalty of Penelope (the loyal wife), whose wedding bed is woven from ‘Homer’s Odyssey’ olive vines.


It is different from any other watch from the inside out. In addition to the wonderful vine leaf design and intricate leaves, the EPURE TOURBILLON VITIS Art Series grapevine tourbillon watch continues to achieve impossible extraordinary masterpieces with amazing superb craftsmanship.
For example, mother-of-pearl craftsmanship-a piece of mother-of-pearl is carved into many tiny bunches of grapes. This alone is different from other watches in the EPURE Collection Art Collection.
The flying tourbillon, invented in the 19th century, is one of the most complicated and well-known watch manufacturing methods in the world. This manufacturing method allows the movement to rotate freely, as if enchanted, and exhibits incredible accuracy. Only the most skilled watchmakers have the technology to make tourbillons.
The EPURE TOUBILLON VITIS Art Series grapevine tourbillon watch is unusual in that its core is set on the back of the watch, and is engraved with No. 26 Fangdeng Plaza (Brossillon Paris Head Office) and the famous bronze pillar in the square. The movement is decorated with 19 gems, and the hour and minute hands are displayed at 1 o’clock, subtly suggesting that Boucheron is located in the main store of Fangdeng Plaza. The front of the watch is decorated with rattan buds carved in white gold. The curly rattan veins and the rotating movement of the tourbillon echo each other.
The artisans love to use vines as a decorative pattern, and this timepiece from Boucheron continues this tradition. At the same time, vines symbolize love, friendship and solidarity. Together with the vine and its fruit, Boucheron symbolizes abundance, youth and eternity.

EPURE KHEPRI Art Scarab Watch

Demystifying the Scarab
Boucheron’s artisans use texture contrast, texture, and light to shape the mysterious magic of scarabs. The scarlet beetle’s brightly colored head (egg-cut blue corundum), the opal as the upper wing, and the translucent body with a crystal with a concentric circle engraving form an extraordinary contrast. The neck is inlaid with diamonds to symbolize power, while the yellow corundum with gradual colors sets off the delicateness of the lower wings.
Scarabs are widely regarded as a symbol of rebirth and protection. As a symbol of the amulet, the scarab is considered to have the essence of eternal love and is often worn as amulet. In ancient Egypt, scarabs were the sun gods reborn every morning at dawn. He was portrayed as a man with a gold scarab on his head, which stood like a trophy in the direction of the sun.
The surface of the EPURE KHEPRI Art Scarab watch is set with mother-of-pearl plane. The blue and purple gradient represent the dawn, reflecting the symbol of rebirth, purity and hope.

EPURE CICADA Art Collection

This watch is a noble praise to Xia Chan
The head and body of the cicada match each other with green tourmaline. The head is an egg-faced cut gem, the body part is decorated with concentric circles, and the center chess is 8 pink corundum, like a hidden treasure of Xia Chan. The lower half of the wings are made of translucent pink mother-of-pearl engraved with fine texture, exquisitely showing the exquisite workmanship, while the diamonds inlaid in the upper half of the wings contrast with the soft halo of mother-of-pearl, shining brightly.
Contrasting the pink and blue gradient mother-of-pearl surface, Xia Chan seems to herald the arrival of the morning; it is said that the cicada feeds only on dew and songs. The poetic and lyrical nature of the creatures, ancient Chinese and Greeks were fascinated by cicada songs, so that many songs about cicadas have been heard so far. Cicada associates with warmth, which indicates a happy summer.