Month: February 2016

Amy Mysterious Second Hand Only Watch Limited Table

Wield a charming visual magic wand
Emmy Craftsmanship Mysterious Second Hand Only watch Limited Watch
Echoes the fifth ‘Only Watch’ charity watch auction to fight human terrible diseases

 In order to echo the research of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, to assist medical technology and improve the neuromuscular function and quality of life of patients, the world’s top watch manufacturers work together to call for it to be held in Morocco on September 28, 2013 The fifth ‘Only Watch’ charity watch auction held in the Principality. Swiss watch brand Maurice Lacroix has also made great efforts to launch a unique version of the Emmy ingenuity series Mysterious Second Hand Only Watch for the extraordinary significance of the event, looking forward to exposing charming with this dreamy endless watch Visual magic, wielding a magic wand, provides extra inspiration to help researchers find innovative ways to combat and ultimately eliminate this terrible disease.

 Emmy Craftsmanship Mysterious Second Hand Only watch Limited Watch

 Only Watch, considered the world’s top charity watch auction, will be organized by watch auction company Antiquorum. With this innovative watch, Le Méridien has taken it to a higher level, setting a new milestone in its journey to explore original expressions of time. Le Meridien’s general manager Marc Gläser said: ‘The time display of the Le Méridien’s mysterious second hand Only Watch is truly fantastic! The trajectory of its hovering hands reminds us of a magician waving his magic wand. Although we cannot wield a magic wand to solve this terrible disease, we are proud to provide our best products to support this sacred mission. ‘

 The stunning structure of Le Méridien’s mysterious seconds hand watch Only proves that Le Méridien, which has repeatedly won top design awards, has deep professional design strength. The masterpiece that drives this masterpiece is the Twelveth-century 100% homemade ML 215, a movement produced by Le Méridien, which offers a unique linear second display-changing from horizontal to vertical every 15 seconds. In order to highlight the birth of this innovative movement, Le Méridien has created a case that perfectly matches it. A beautifully decorated and perfectly balanced 43 mm case. The hollow design shows the subtlety of the movement, and it is equipped with an eccentric hour Minute count. Michel Vermot, the outstanding movement developer of this watch, has clearly stated that ‘the main use of clocks has evolved, and its primary task is to present sensibility.’ And this model clearly shows the Le Méridien and the basic principles he pursues, aimed at helping The spirit of children and youth suffering from this terrible disease makes this watch the perfect gift for this emotional purpose.

 The case, bridge, base plate, skeleton dial, crown and buckle are all revolutionary ADLC (Amorphous Diamond Carbon) coatings on the mysterious Second Hand Only Watch, which is impressive, extraordinary, and every detail They are full of mystery. ADLC is an advanced mixture of hydrogen and carbon atoms that can be used to lift almost any surface, giving it the most valuable qualities of diamonds such as low friction, high chemical inertness and biocompatibility. The process of this material involves nano-accelerated spray particles, which combine to create high temperature and high pressure environments of natural and artificial diamonds. In addition, its amorphous structure does not have any fragile planes, and while providing diamond hardness, it ensures that the coating can flexibly fit the shape of the underlying object. This outstanding material has a wide range of applications, including tools, automotive and medical. The use of ADLC technology in this truly unique watch brings a special high-tech sense of perfect matching to its natural and exaggerated overall hidden visual effect. The unique design details are consistent with the prudent and esoteric principles that ensure this watch, and they work together to present its perfect delicate atmosphere.

 Different from the 2013 new ingenious mysterious seconds watch, the hands of this model are in black gold tone, while the scale of the black ‘mysterious seconds dial’ is light gray and black. There are no numbers on the hollow eccentric hour and minute dial. All elements including the case, bezel and dial are sandblasted. The automatic dial of the ML215 automatic winding system is also ADLC-plated and transparent. A glimpse of the sapphire crystal case back. The 镌 lettering on the automatic dial is ONLY WATC H 2013-PIECE UNIQUE 1/1 (the only watch at the 2013 Only Watch Auction 1/1).

 The hands are in black gold, while the scales of the black mysterious seconds dial are pale gray and black.

 There are no numbers on the skeleton eccentric hours and minutes dial.


Introduction To The ‘tenglong’ Limited Edition Watch Of The Plum Year

In both Western and Chinese culture, the dragon is regarded as a mysterious legendary beast with extraordinary abilities, symbolizing vitality and strength; the year of the dragon in China also represents joy, ambition, strength and courage. The Torx watch aims to present this positive spirit in the watch. Chen Zhijian, who has more than 30 years of design experience, is also a watch collector. During the design process, he deliberately presented the dragon’s body in a meandering state, and its dynamics, vitality and vitality leapt on the dial. In addition, different from the traditional method of using clouds to bolster the dragon, he used fire instead of clouds to show the dragon’s arrogance and supremacy. He also cleverly designed Dragon Ball as a calendar window, which means to pursue ideals and keep pace with the times.
 In order to greet and commemorate the second year of the dragon since the millennium, TITONI Swiss plum watch invited famous designer Chen Zhijian to design a limited edition watch for the brand’s much-respected Master Series, named ‘Tenglong’ .

Ld ‘Tenglong’ limited edition watch is the first time that the plum blossom watch is based on the ‘Chinese Zodiac’ as the watch theme, and it will be limited to 2012 in the world. Unlike the design of other TITONI watches, this dial retains only the brand logo, calendar window and hands, and ‘Tenglong’ embossed fills the entire dial, adding appreciation. Each watch has a limited edition number engraved on the left side of the case. Just like other master series watches, this watch is equipped with the Swiss official observatory precision timing test organization COSC certified movement, each movement is engraved with the observatory certification number. In addition to the all-steel strap, this watch is also equipped with a leather strap.


Athens Launches Exclusive Perpetual Calendar Boutique Special Edition Watch

Twenty years ago, the Athens Perpetual Calendar series watch shocked the watch world as soon as it was launched, attracting worldwide attention. Since then, the first perpetual calendar and subsequent series of watches have become the hearts of collectors.
  The Athens Perpetual Calendar series realizes the unification of dual time zone and perpetual calendar functions. It is a revolutionary first in the history of the brand. It is the first perpetual calendar watch in the world that can adjust the date in two directions through a single crown.
  Today, Athens has launched a special edition of the Perpetual Calendar for single-brand boutiques. This watch is equipped with UN-32 movement inside, the blue dial is elegant and chic. This is one of the most fascinating timepieces in the history of the brand and one of the most advanced perpetual calendar watches. technical details

Official number: 329-10 / 93-BQ
Movement: Swiss-made mechanical chronograph movement, certified by COSC
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, date, week, month display, perpetual calendar, dual time zone
Case: 43.00 mm round case in platinum, polished
Mirror: Sapphire crystal
Strap: Louisiana Alligator Strap
Buckle: adjustable platinum buckle
Waterproof depth: 30 meters