Month: October 2014

Pitching Cartier Another Realm

Creativity is an attitude, an active, positive, and autonomous attitude towards life. Today, the editor of the Watch House will introduce the Cartier Creative Gem Watch Series HPI00776 watch, and appreciate this watch. The specific image on the surface reflects the abstract charm of the silk, and the subtle silhouette contains deep philosophy. Don’t let your logical thinking get over your head and take the upper hand, and walk into this ingenious creative watch together with the editor. It’s like being in a different realm between pitching. (Official model: HPI00776)

 Luxury with pearls
   The case of this watch is set with 18k white gold diamonds, set with 314 brilliant-cut round diamonds, and the case thickness is 11.40 mm. The finishing touch should be 18k white gold, a bead-shaped crown set with a diamond, which is equally brilliant. Look at the silhouette of the female leopard on the dial, the outline of which is meticulously created by a large number of gems. Wear it on your wrist, it really shines and is magnificent.

Case front

Case side

Unique design
   The unique design of the dial can be clearly seen through the sapphire crystal. The round dial is coated with 18K rhodium-plated white gold and set with 11 brilliant-cut round diamonds. The cheetah was resting in the wild grass, and suddenly a gust of wind came quietly. The golden-winged hummingbird swept over its head along an arc-shaped trajectory, and infinite meaning emerged. The kinetic energy of the gold-plated sword-shaped stainless steel hands on the upper left of the watch is derived from the power reserve of the movement. The manual mechanical movement with a diameter of 36.18 mm and a thickness of 5.45 mm is composed of 367 small parts, which vibrates 28,800 times per hour; Even more precious is that 49 gems are set on it, and Cartier’s blood is flowing bit by bit, condensing Cartier’s spirit of excellence. The process of hummingbird passing is full of singular functions. The flying range of the hummingbird affects the remaining time of walking. The female leopard pattern is plated with 18K rhodium-plated white gold, set with 270 brilliant-cut round diamonds, pear-shaped emerald leopard eyes, and smooth black lacquered beveled gemstones embellish the female leopard. Elegant and delicate realm.


Round dial

Fashion classics
   Bright stones with black alligator leather straps, classic color contrast and use make the precious stones add a sense of luxury and dignity, while leaving fashion permanent. Even the dial color creative design is also black and white, adding a few gold, neither deliberately seeking tedious nor excessively simple design. What’s more worth mentioning is the silky charm and pattern outline on the dial, which uses gold and silver craftsmanship, exquisite and exquisite, letting fashion penetrate into a trace of charm.

Black and white dial


Summary: Cartier’s creative gemstone watch series HPI00776 watch reflects Cartier’s unique thinking and genius creativity, showing the complexity of the watch through the fictional subtle world of women, in order to better convey women’s touching scenes. Injecting tenderness into creativity, letting motherly love radiate, leaving people with a new aesthetic mood, elegant and delicate, refined and subtle. If you are a jewel lover, then please love this Cartier creative gem watch series HPI00776 watch, you give it a stage to make it fly on your wrist, it will play to the extreme, let your heart follow the watch Move, always bloom. At present, the domestic price of this watch is 1.47 million yuan, and it is not only a valuable watch, but also a high-end world.


Citizen Eco-drive Slim Gifts To The World Parents

From stumbling as a child, I took the first step to explore the world, and nowadays, I continue to move forward with my heart striding forward. Every time we explore the true self, we never lack the silent companionship of our parents. When walking, they use the encouragement to dispel the fog; when they travel, they use Ding Dong to warm the journey. In the warm Thanksgiving season, Citizen has carefully selected the light kinetic energy ultra-thin pair AR0074-51A and EG3224-57A to salute their parents, and care about their parents, so that parents can appreciate the deep gratitude of their children.

 Citizen Eco-Drive Ultra-Thin Pair AR0074-51A and EG3224-57A are the perfect fusion of innovative solar-energy technology and simple design, bringing intimate care to parents with accurate timing, and demonstrating the never-fading true feelings with rustic and classic design. The AR0074-51A men’s light kinetic energy ultra-thin watch has a stable atmosphere and fits his father’s restrained weight. The EG3224-57A women’s light kinetic energy ultra-thin watch is small and elegant, which complements the mother’s tenderness and love.

 The classic stainless steel rose gold case strap seems to last a long time. Cases as thin as cicada wings (men’s watch 5.6mm / 95g, women’s watch 5mm / 50g) are lightly tied to the wrist, delicate ironing. The sapphire glass mirror surface shows the traces of time. The elegant dial layout is decorated with exquisite rose gold hour markers, simple and pure, just like the parent’s companionship, and it is persistent but needless to say.

 This pair of watches is equipped with environmentally friendly light kinetic energy technology. The dial can absorb any visible light source and convert it into kinetic energy to drive the watch to operate. It is convenient and worry-free, and more effectively avoids the environmental pollution caused by waste batteries. Bring a sense of social responsibility to protect nature. The classic and timeless external design echoes the fine and excellent internal craftsmanship, perfectly emphasizing the product development purpose of Citizen’s ‘fusion of technology and beauty’.

 On the occasion of the Parents’ Day, you may wish to tie your hand-picked watch to your parents’wrists, leaving the thoughts and concerns for every second, and at the same time bring their dings and expectations on the road. On the way to living a true self, it is because of their company and love that we are more determined to move forward, and we are going out of our life’s different scenery.


Montblanc Star Series Automatic World Time Gmt Watch Introduction

The Montblanc STAR star series has added a new member to the 2011 Geneva Haute Horlogerie Salon SIHH: World-Time GMT Automatic.
 This World Time GMT watch has improved and strengthened the safety of the crown, which can operate all functions together: the crown is in the original position (not loosened). Clockwise rotation can wind the movement, counterclockwise Rotate to adjust the ring of city names around the world; pull the crown out to the middle position. Rotate clockwise to set the calendar. Rotate counterclockwise to adjust the red-tip GMT hand to advance forward in units of 1 hour Pull the crown a little further, and turn it clockwise to adjust the hour and minute hands as usual.

 This world time GMT automatic winding watch with a 42mm diameter and a classic polished wide case is very elegant. The outer circle of the black dial is marked with the city name of the 24 time zone; inwardly, the hour circle with Arabic numerals as the time mark shows the local time; the calendar display window is at 3 o’clock; the center of the dial has a narrow 24-hour circle, Cooperate with another smaller GMT hand to indicate the time in the second time zone; the 24-hour circle is divided into two shades, which clearly indicate whether the second time zone is day or night.

 This watch is equipped with the MB 4810/405 self-winding movement, which provides a 42-hour power reserve and a vibration frequency of 28800vph. The two models of this watch are black dial with silver Arabic numerals and rhodium-plated hands with black alligator leather strap, and silver dial with black Arabic numerals and blue hands and steel bracelet.