Month: July 2014

Reject Violence And Resist Terrorism Corum Launches Bubble Series ‘stop’ Theme Watch

At the beginning of the new year, CORUM has launched three high-profile Bubble series watches featuring the ‘Big Bubble Stop’ theme. These three Bubble series watches with unique reflective dials are derived from the brand’s first public participation initiative, Customize Your Bubble, which is a custom bubble watch event. The event was a great success. The Big Bubble Stop themed watches originally planned to be limited to one each were eventually released in a limited edition of 88.

‘Some brands have very limited communication with customers, and we let brand lovers directly participate in our creative process. The ‘Customize Your Bubble’ event brought us surprises. Bubble Stop is the best It proves that the results of this open event have exceeded our expectations. ‘
Bubble Stop is the representative of the open spirit of Corum. Through the rare opportunity of ‘Customize Your Bubble’, brand enthusiasts directly participated in the creative process of COrum. Davide Traxler explained: ‘Thanks to public participation, CORUM has collected a lot of ideas from brand enthusiasts within a few weeks. In addition, based on the bubble ideas suggested by brand collectors, it became clear very quickly The creative direction of everyone. Our bold and avant-garde ideas also inspired our designers, allowing them to freely express their creativity and talent. ‘
CORUM watch based on a design sketch submitted by a brand enthusiast Jérôme Barbier, developed a new and unique timepiece series Bubble Stop. The Bubble Stop dial is made of reflective material recognized as the ‘Best in the World’ Swiss road sign, and the honeycomb surface echoes the first out of print limited edition models launched in 2015. At the same time, Tecno’s high-tech material strap inherits its high-quality spirit and has unparalleled durability.
The three Bubble Stop watches are equipped with titanium case diameters of 42 mm, 47 mm and 52 mm. The famous curved sapphire glass and STOP dial are harmoniously matched, showing a distinctive personality at the wrist while being extremely light. . The back of the Bubble Stop watch is equipped with sapphire glass. Through its back, you can admire the operating mode of the CO403 movement with a power reserve of 65 hours.

Bubble Stop
L403 / 03312 Technical Specifications
Movement: CO 403 movement
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds
Power reserve: 65 hours
Swing frequency: 28,800 times per hour (4Hz)
Strap: Nero technical stainless steel pin buckle
Strap width: 26.5 / 22 mm


Watches And Myths Venus And Cupid

‘Fine Art’, in short, is an art that gives people the feeling of beauty. Many people put art on the shelf, thinking that it is an art that is difficult for the public to understand. In fact, the opposite is true. Art can be said to be the most popular type of art. Perhaps appreciation of art may indeed require a certain level of art skills. There is no threshold. A watch itself can also be called a kind of ‘art’, whether painting, sculpture or music, can complement the watch and play a complementary effect. On the dial of a series of three-question wristwatches launched by Jaeger-LeCoultre in 2009, exquisite classical paintings are presented on the dial, which brings us a fine art feast. Today, the watch family is with you Talk about watches and art.

To appreciate an artwork, we first need to understand the subject matter of the artwork. For painting, the most common themes in classic Western art are ‘religion’ and ‘myth.’ These contents may seem mysterious. In fact, the contents are fairly simple and interesting. The most important thing is that it is easier to get started than those with composition and brush strokes. For this Jaeger-LeCoultre watch, I want to time people who do not know much about art and painting can also guess its content-blond hair, naked girl, and little angel (Cupid), that is probably Wiener Spence.

Venus is the goddess of love and beauty in ancient Roman mythology, but also the goddess of fertility and navigation, corresponding to Aphrodite in Greek mythology. The Latin words ‘Venus’ and ‘Friday’ all come from her. It is the embodiment of love and beauty in ancient Roman mythology. Aphrodite is the Greek name of Venus. It is said that she was born from the waves in the sea, so she is called Aphrodite (meaning water).

Yes, we can basically judge from the spray on the dial that this painting describes the birth of Venus. The name of this painting is also called ‘Birth of Venus’, which is the work of French academic painter Alexandre Cabanel (September 28, 1823-January 23, 1889).

In the same way, the story depicted on the dial of another Jaeger-LeCoultre watch Q1646413 is also the birth of Venus. The original work of this painting is called ‘The Venus of Anadi Oman’, the name is derived from Greek, meaning the goddess born from the foam of the sea. Do you feel familiar with this picture? Then let’s look at the next picture.

The author of ‘Anady Oman’s Venus’ is the French painter Jean-Auguste Dominique Ingres, the author of the ‘Spring’, which is now hidden in the Louvre in Paris. , 1780-1867).

Let’s talk about the birth of Venus, why was Venus born in the spray. This comes to Uranos, the grandfather of Zeus, the god of the gods. Uranos is the god of the sky in Greek mythology, born from the finger of his mother Gaia. The universe was originally the king of the gods of the ruler. The Greek word ‘sky’ means deification of heaven, symbolizing hope and The future and represent the sky.

Uranos is Gaia’s son and Gaia’s husband (is it chaotic? Hehe … and more chaotic), as the most powerful god at the time, his birth was always monopolized by Gaia, and fertility was one. This kind of right, others do not have the right to reproduce. Because Uranos loved his rights, he tied Gaia’s and his children in Gaia’s body. Eventually Gaia couldn’t stand it anymore. She said to the children, ‘Listen to me, your father insults us, he lets We endure his terrible power, and we can never go on like this. You should rise up against your father. ‘

Hearing these fierce words, the Titans in Gaia’s stomach were frightened. No one dared to speak. Uranos was always pressed on their mother. It was not easy to defeat him. Only the youngest son, Ke Cronus (the second-generation king of the gods, Zeus’ father) promised to help his mother overthrow his father. Gaia and Kronos made a plan. She put a sickle in the hands of Little Kronos, and when Uranos vented his sexual power on Gaia, he grabbed his father’s sexual organs with his left hand, tightly Hold it tightly, then wave the sickle with your right hand and cut it.

Uranos, at the moment of his castration, roared in pain, suddenly separated from Gaia, and has been fixed at the highest point in the world forever, and can no longer move. Immediately afterwards, in order to avoid possible trouble caused by his actions, Kronos threw Uranos’s genitals upwards and fell into the Aegean waves. Wiener was born from the wave foam that it set off. S. (Ah … that’s right, the so-called goddess is here …)

Kronos by Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640)

Then Kronos rescued eleven brothers and sisters from Gaia. They elected Kronos as the god king, and then Kronos and his sister took control of the passage of time and married the goddess of wind and frost, Rhea. But his father Uranos cursed Kronos: ‘You will be overthrown by your son like me.’ To avoid this curse, Kronos made a cruel decision: to give birth Children eat all.

Rhea had five children for Kronos, all swallowed by his father at birth (including Demeter, Hera, Hersty, Hardis, and Poseidon). Rhea is very sad, so after she gave birth to her sixth child, she was determined to save the child. She named the baby boy Zeus, and Rhea gave Zeus to the eucalyptus fairy, and wrapped a stone in the cloth. Here it was handed to Kronos, who swallowed it without seeing it.

When Zeus grew up, he married the intelligent goddess Murtis as a wife and obeyed his wife’s plan to seduce his father Kronos to take the vomiting medicine. After Kronos took the medicine, he vomited continuously, vomiting all his children Come out. Later, everyone threw Kronos out of the palace. Zeus established a new government in Olympus, reallocating power: the ocean to Poseidon, the land government to Hades, and the sky itself.

The Abduction of Europa by Valentin Alexandrovich Serov (1865-1911)

As we all know, Zeus is a passionate god. Most of the legends about Zeus are about Zeus collecting beautiful women. How can Venus, who is considered to be the highest symbol of female physique, escape the eye of Zeus. Zeus found Venus and expressed his admiration, but although Venus’s personal virginity was not so chaste, he rejected Zeus. So ‘watchful’ Zeus retaliated by giving her to his son Blacksmith God Hephaestus.

Why is it revenge? Legend has it that Hephaestus was the son of Zeus and Hera, but was born with a lame leg and an ugly face. However, Venus, as the most popular goddess in charge of love and marriage, is naturally unwilling to do so. She often cheats with Ares, the god of war. Once they cheated, Hephaestus opened a delicate gold net. They shrouded them and made them ugly in front of the gods. This story unfortunately became the best-known story of Hephaestus.

Venus and Cupid by Guido Reni (1575-1642)

Venus gave birth to the famous Cupid after cheating with Ares. Cupid can be said to be the best recognizable of all artistic figures, usually a naughty little boy with bows and arrows and a pair of small wings, often appearing with Venus. On the dials of Jaeger-LeCoultre Q1642430 and Q1642431 are Venus and Cupid.

Venus intoxicated by love and music by Tiziano Vecellio (1490-1576)

Among them, the dial of Q1642430 depicts ‘Venus and Cupid’ by Guido Reni (1575-1642), while the dial of Q1642431 is known as the father of Western oil painting, Titian Vecelli. The Venus intoxicated by love and music by Tiziano Vecellio (1490-1576), with Venus leaning on a sun lounger in front of the window with the farm scenery as the background. Under her feet, an organist was playing an instrument and kept looking back at Venus’s nude, while Venus gently taught Cupid, the god of love, to sing while listening to music, and indulged in love and music, no matter what. The luthier couldn’t look at her.

Well, today’s story is here. The development of Greek and Roman myths after the Renaissance has an important influence on the development of European literature and art. Understanding Greek and Roman myths is not only very interesting, but also a very good way to interpret fine art works. accumulation. The gods in these myths have translations of Greek and Roman names. In this article, only the more well-known translations are used, rather than the translations of a single language. (Picture / text watch home Xie Xin)


Athens Watch Presents Christmas, Bright Timepieces Shine Year-end Carnival

Looking out from the floor-to-ceiling windows, the snow crystals of the ice crystals decorate the manicured garden and outdoor swimming pool. The melodious music in the room is accompanied by the laughter and laughter among the guests to compose the end-of-year movement. The men gathered in the sofa lounge and played with each other’s timepieces. A gentleman is showing the three-question timepiece of ‘Venice Carnival’ to his fellows with great interest, leading everyone to revel in the audio-visual enjoyment brought by the moving puppets to remove the mask timepiece. At the entrance of the dinner, a lady dressed in a snow-white evening ceremony came lightly, with a bun in her hair, without any jewelry, and only ‘Jade Linglong’ on her wrist highlighted her simple and elegant temperament. The lights changed, and the noisy crowd suddenly quieted down. The hostess appeared gorgeously on the second floor of the rotating escalator, and a fiery red dress appeared like a queen. Raising hands and greeting guests, the ‘Royal Ruby Flying Tourbillon’ watch on the jade arm exudes a dazzling red light. The orchestra took the long tune, and the party at the end of the year officially opened.

Masquerade-Minutes of the Carnival of Venice

 Inspired by Venice, one of the most romantic cities in the world, Athenaeum presents the limited edition watch of the Venice Carnival Minute Repeater, combining beautiful artistic drawings and superb watchmaking techniques to interpret the carnival party in this fascinating city. The “Jaquemart” on the disk stands in front of the Rialto Bridge on the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy, all wearing gorgeous masks. As the watch activates the minute repeater, it tells the time, time and hour The mask puppet will lift the mask. The lively and interesting gorgeous pictures attract guests to stop and watch.

 The dial is refined with in-filled enamel technology, highlighting its meticulous design. Only a few craftsmen can master this skill. At present, only top watchmakers such as Athenaeum can produce watches that display the techniques of infill enamel, filigree enamel and micro-paint enamel. This hand-carved inner enamel process, and the most complicated activity puppet minute repeater timekeeping technology, can become a treasure of heavenly craftsmanship for a few people to collect.

 Masquerade-Minutes of the Carnival of Venice

Elegant and refined-‘Yu Linglong’ watch

 Athens Watch’s new “Jade Delicate” watch has a unique design concept and unique structure. You do n’t need to press or pull the crown, but you can also adjust the date and time. damage.

 The case is surrounded by 4 delicate turquoise emeralds, paired with noble and gorgeous emeralds and dazzling diamonds, perfectly showing the elegant charm of women. The mother-of-pearl dial with diamond scale further highlights the exquisite style and luxury of the watch.

 The unique movement designed by Athenaeum for women this time shows that the care and respect for women has reached the extreme. The gemstone that symbolizes happiness and well-being is paired with an exquisite timepiece to become an indispensable piece of elegant jewelry on women’s wrists. With its unique creativity and design, Jade Linglong has opened a new chapter for modern luxury women’s watches.

 Elegant and refined-‘Yu Linglong’ watch

Red Temptation-‘Royal Ruby Flying Tourbillon’

 The masterpiece ‘Royal Ruby Flying Tourbillon’ is noble and gorgeous, and is the most beautiful scenery at the party. The gems of the watch are all inlaid by artisans with fine workmanship. The hour markers on the inner ring are marked with 12 rubies, which complement the 48 white diamonds on the outer ring. Ruby is the hardest gemstone out of diamonds, finely cut by the Athenian gemstone craftsman, to present the best state of precious stones on the 41mm platinum case. With a gorgeous alligator leather strap and platinum folding buckle, it fully reflects the luxury and elegance of the watch. The dial’s bold use of bright ruby ​​and the top watchmaking device tourbillon complement the red dial, presenting the ultimate charm of high-end watches that people can’t resist.

The mechanical inspiration of the watch comes from the famous Swiss watchmaker James Pellaton, and uses ruby ​​crystal as the splint. The flying tourbillon on the faceplate floats magically in the air, spinning as if out of gravity. The skeletonized movement parts are neatly arranged on the dial, showing the ultimate balance of aesthetics. The red face plate with invisible winding mechanism is elegant and mysterious.

 Red Temptation-‘Royal Ruby Flying Tourbillon’

 Whether it’s an enthusiastic party queen, a gentle lady like a gentle lady, or a collector who loves timepiece art, the Athenian Swiss watch can make you the most noticeable focus in the year-end carnival.