Month: June 2014

Keep Your Mother’s Heart!

From the moment she became a mother, her life began to change dramatically. There is less time for tinkering with makeup in front of the mirror, but more willing to stare at the child with a smile. The wardrobe is not always ready for war like before, but she is interested in choosing each outfit for the child. Slowly, her favorite social activity became sunbathing and playing with her, and she also changed from a girl who didn’t touch the spring water to a private housewife.

However, since then, her exclusive festival has one more
Every second Sunday of May: Mother’s Day
Key words that make mother’s eyes bright: return her girly heart!

   For the name of primrose, this Swatch 2017 Mother’s Day watch uses the pink girly flower design to tell the gratitude of the grass-roots hearts, and the small and exquisite girlish dessert has also become the source of inspiration for the design. The packaging is like a tempting cupcake, reminiscent of the baking aroma of the mom brand …

Pink primrose blooms on the wrist
The hands tick, as if returning to her young teenage time
Lost softness and sweetness …
——— Swatch is dedicated to the best moms in the world ———

What are you waiting for, May 14th Mother’s Day soon!
All Swatch stores are on sale.


2014 Basel Nomos Original Blue Big Calendar Watch Appreciation

NOMOS, a well-known German watch brand, continued to maintain a low profile at this year’s Basel Watch Fair, just like the low profile spirit shared by German watches. Among the new NOMOS models released this year, one of them is a large calendar watch with a blue dial. The watch is very elegant. In addition to maintaining the traditional NOMOS elements, the watch is another biggest highlight in color matching. The blue dial It is really eye-catching with the small red seconds hand.

 The above content is reported by the front of the Watch House staff carefully related to the NOMOS 2014 Basel Watch Fair. In the future, we will continue to provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports for everyone. attention. (Photo / text watch home queen)

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