materials used in recent years to become altar table school of Rado Rado since its founding in 瑞士伦朗瑙, committed to innovative design and revolutionary materials research and development, design escape the old framework, the new drill Pa DiaMaster The series CeramosTM titanium carbide ultra-thin automatic watch shows the true meaning of the brand’s search for beauty and is reflected in high-tech alloy technology. The classic design of the classic DiaMaster series is injected into the rose gold and white gold radar watch. The exclusive patented material CeramosTM titanium carbide On the ceramic faceplate, minimalism plays its best. From the case to the movement, it reflects Rado’s proud and simple appearance, becoming the thinnest mechanical watch in the Diamond Pa series. case light and future-quenching chain, the achievements of eternal beauty.

RadoDiaMaster Ceramos case with titanium carbide, 41mm diameter, hour, minute, date, ETAA31.L01 self-winding movement, power reserve 64 hours, sapphire crystal mirror and case back, waterproof 50 meters leather strap.
Rado’s exclusive patented CeramosTM titanium carbide cermet
 Instead of the high-tech ceramics commonly used to make DiaMaster, the latest collection of watches uses its exclusive patented CeramosTM titanium carbide cermet. Rado has been thinking about the development and application of related materials since 1993. How to retain the advantages of high-tech ceramics but also have the fineness of metals at the same time, has accumulated 25 years of experience and accumulated research results. Until today, CeramosTM titanium carbide cermets have been Can be fully applied and shaped into a variety of shapes, and the advent of this high-tech material has also become one of the brand’s milestones. It consists of 90% high-tech ceramics and 10% metal composites. Titanium carbide cermets under high pressure precision injection mold accepted sintering, to reach its final Vickers hardness of up to 1300 or more, the brand developed a presentation platinum hue (1700 Vickers hardness) and sparkling rose gold (1300 Vickers hardness) of CeramosTM titanium carbide ceramic, and for the first time the applied material is integrally formed in the case.

RadoDiaMasterCeramos watch.
 The extent of this unique material with unprecedented super wear-resistant features, effective solution to the problem of metal surface scratches and scratches senior watch in the production, processing and wear during widespread, CeramosTM titanium carbide ceramic wear resistant Far better than the standard 18K yellow gold of 400 Vickers or the hardened stainless steel of 600 Vickers, which means that only 10,000 Vickers diamonds can leave so-called scratches on their surface. These two colors are given by rose gold and the material itself, combined with high-tech ceramics that are not easy to fade and wear, they shine brilliantly and quench the chain for a long time beauty.

Model showcases the RadoDiaMaster ultra-thin titanium carbide watch.
Rose does not wither, hardest Platinum: DiaMaster titanium carbide drill Pa series ultra-thin automatic watch
 Lightweight, scratch-resistant, comfortable to wear and shiny metallic luster that does not change over time are the most moving features of this series of watches. The titanium and sapphire crystal back case protects the skin from being sensitized, and it can also see through delicate operation. Movement. Platinum titanium carbide ceramic minimalism and cold, as a substitute for real steel, alloy wear-resistant, so watch to maintain the long-lasting beauty; compared to PVD rose gold plating or soft rose gold, rose gold titanium carbide metal not only has a soft sheen, scratch, skin-friendly characteristics more in line with the use of life, just like not withered roses bloom in the wrist. DiaMaster titanium carbide thin automatic watch 41 mm minimalist and slim surface plate of the table, simple design and precise view of the material used, so that the series across gender and generation becomes neutral line watch.