As a long-established watch and jewellery manufacturer, Bucherer, which is still run by the brand’s founder family, has always demonstrated a solid and strong strength in both the traditional maintenance of watchmaking technology and the research and development of technology. Continuing the glory and glory of Bucherer for 125 years.

 CARL F. BUCHERER In addition to launching new watch pieces at the 2013 BASEL WORLD watch exhibition, CARL F. BUCHERER further conveyed the brand’s core values ​​and excellent craftsmanship to the world through the new design style of the exhibition hall. In order to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the establishment of the Zhizhi brand, Bao Qilai even told the glory track of the brand in the new exhibition hall through the decoration and books.

 Back to the history of the Bucherer brand, it can be traced back to the first watch and jewellery shop opened by the founder Carl Friedrich Bucherer in Lucerne, Switzerland in 1888, and in 1919 under the brand name BUCHERER for the first time The launch of women’s watches officially opened the history of watchmaking at Bucherer. Today, although the Swiss watch industry has undergone tremendous structural changes, group business operations have had a fundamental impact on this traditional craft-based industry, but the brand still managed by the Bucherer family still maintains a strong personality And creative style, such an independent spirit has become the precious core value of today’s Bucherer brand, and it is completely presented in the four major brands of Bucherer: with innovative technology or pragmatic functions, distinctive personality The Ravi series combines the Marion series with outstanding technology and complication, showing the tradition of watchmaking craftsmanship and timeless beauty. It has a distinctive curved design to show the unique personality of the ladies’ watch, the Aliga series, and a combination of low-key elegance and Reliable Edmar series.

 For 125 years, Bucherer has always adhered to the original intention of daring to break away from the old norms at the beginning of the brand and insisting on a different path. Through creativity, the pursuit of independence and pure enthusiasm, it has created A watch that shares life and passion with the owner. And through original design features, attention to detail, and quality requirements, each watch created is a timeless, tried and tested classic model.

125 years of classic time
Founded in Lucerne, Bucherer blends luxury and aesthetics in an extraordinary way, truly creating timepieces that keep pace with the times. The solid craftsmanship is bound by infinite creativity, creating classics belonging to that era in each important era, setting a model for contemporary watchmaking aesthetics. To this day, Bucherer watches are still a unique testimony of time.

Bucherer launches its first women’s watch collection, inspired by Art Deco watches or inlaid with jewellery or octagonal case, the world of women’s watches.

 Bucherer’s heritage of 125 years

Fashionable timepieces such as brooches, which have both accessories and timepiece functions, are becoming more and more popular in high society. Bucherer’s silver brooch watch is shaped as a horse-drawn carriage and inlaid with iron ore, and the hour hand can be displayed when the door is opened.

 Bucherer’s heritage of 125 years

1950 ~ 1960
Elegant and functional, the confident self-confidence can reflect the wearer’s personality and lead the fashion. Bucherer launched the first chronograph, with its small dials arranged symmetrically, which is extremely eye-catching.
Bucherer’s heritage of 125 years

The clock technology has reached its peak. At this time, Bucherer developed a cross-generation Archimedes Archimedes watch that combines the functions of the world time zone and the diving watch, showing extraordinary technical power. In addition, Bucherer also invested in the development of the legendary quartz movement Beta 21, and launched the first Swiss-made quartz watch.

 Bucherer’s heritage of 125 years

Bao Qilai launched a pocket watch inspired by the pocket watch launched in the year of the brand’s creation. It celebrated the 100th anniversary of Bao Qilai and regained the tradition of traditional mechanical clocks.

 Bucherer’s heritage of 125 years

About technology
Bucherer has the inspiration and spirit of bottom-to-bottom innovation. Just like a real movement manufacturer you expect, from the beginning to the completion of independent research and development of self-made machines by other people to create watches with independent personality. Outstanding creativity must also be based on solid craftsmanship. Especially when public watch brands joined the ranks of home-made movements in succession, Bucherer began to invest in the research of improved watch mechanical structure in a leading position, and officially launched the CFB A1000 home-made movement in 2008.

 The CFB A1000 movement has a revolutionary Peripheral Rotor peripheral automatic disk design, which can maintain the convenience of automatic winding without blocking the view of the movement. The automatic disc bearing is coated with DLC diamond coating and mounted on the ball bearing to maintain the stability of the movement of the movement and protect the automatic disc from wear caused by vibration and impact. Another advanced design of the CFB A1000 movement is the intelligent center double adjustment device (CDAS), which is a precision adjustment mechanism designed for the core of the movement-the balance wheel and balance spring in the escapement system. After completing the previous adjustment, the balance and hairspring will not affect the accuracy of the operation due to vibration or shock. It can be said that it is a work that combines the beauty of a hand-wound movement and the comfort of a self-winding movement.

 This revolutionary movement is the same as many other Bucherer movements, all stemming from Ste, which manufactures movements and functional components for Ca rl. F. Bucherer Technologies n Manufacture -Croix movement factory. It is precisely because of such a solid technical backing that Bucherer is able to have sufficient execution space and maximum autonomy in the development of clock technology, ensuring the brand’s leading position in the field of clock technology.

Plavi reach the peak
 The Belavi collection is the flagship collection of Bucherer, combining traditional watchmaking technology, cutting-edge technology, innovative standards, and timeless design, which are the core values ​​that the brand cherishes most. Each Plavi series is equipped with a precision mechanical movement with practical functions such as timekeeping, large date, power reserve display and so on. Each movement is delicately modified by craftsmen to convey the value of precious humanities and craftsmanship that is metaphorical to the sense of function.

 In addition to the profound technical connotation, another fascinating feature of the Plavi series is its timeless and unique beauty. The natural design of the case outlines the charming character of the watch with a simple and smooth outline. In the details, the subtle combination of satin sanding and bright polishing finishes is used, with top-level surface modification and layered three-dimensional The face plate gives the watch a more charming content and depth.

 Bucherer’s heritage of 125 years

BigDate calendar watch
CFB A1003 self-winding movement / stainless steel / diameter 38.5mm / hour, minute, small seconds indication / large calendar window date indication / sapphire crystal, caseback / suggested price: NT $ 285,000
Bucherer’s heritage of 125 years
Bucherer’s heritage of 125 years

2. Calendar
CFBA1004 self-winding movement / 18 K rose gold material / diameter 42.6 mm / hour, minute, small second hand indication / large calendar window date indication / day of the week display / weekday indication / sapphire crystal mirror, bottom cover / suggested selling price: NT $ 895,000

 Bucherer’s heritage of 125 years

3. EvoTec DayDate
CFBA1001 self-winding movement / stainless steel with rubber bezel / diameter 43.75 × 44.5 mm / hour, minute, small seconds indication / large calendar window date indication / day of the week display / sapphire crystal, bottom cover / suggested selling price: NT $ 295,000
Bucherer’s heritage of 125 years

 Bucherer’s heritage of 125 years

4. EvoTec PowerReserve Power Reserve Watch
CFB A1002 self-winding movement / stainless steel / diameter 43.75 × 44.5 mm / hour, minute, small seconds indication / large calendar window date indication / power reserve display / sapphire crystal, bottom cover / suggested price: NT $ 335,000