Recently, the new Swiss watch brand Juvenia Zunhuang Watch’s new China store was officially unveiled in Beijing Wangfujing Macau Center Watch City, which has become another important milestone in the development of Zunhuang Watch in China.

   Since its inception in 1860, Juvenia has always promoted the concept of equal emphasis on extreme craftsmanship and unique appearance. It has continuously drawn inspiration from life and nature, and has created many stunning and elegant watches. In fact, Zunhuang Watch is one of the very few watchmaking brands in history that can be regarded as immortal in terms of movement manufacture, watch styling and production technology, and continues its tradition of fashion and nobility. Today, Zunhuang designers are constantly looking for inspiration from Zunhuang watches as art collections to design new models that contain the essence of brand culture and have the spirit of the times.

   The newly opened Zhuanghuang watch store, adhering to the brand’s avant-garde luxury style, the store design is inspired by Zunhuang watch’s classic planet series watches. Step into the shop, as if you are in the starry sky where time passes, and explore the equilibrium point of human beings in the universe. The modern and independent geometric display case showcases the exquisite models of the classic series such as the Mystère, Excentrique, Planet, and Biarritz series. Specialized stores also have VIP try-on and relaxation areas. Make the process of selecting and trying on your watch in the Zhuanghuang store an unforgettable experience.