Month: July 2013

Discover The Story Behind The Hamilton Watchmaking Workshop

What is the story behind the watch you wear on your wrist? Maybe it is love at first sight. Maybe after months of scrutinizing, watching and waiting from a distance, until the time is ripe, they can win it in one fell swoop. Maybe a gift from a loved one to commemorate a major moment in life. No matter how different your experience is, there is no doubt that every Hamilton watch has an unusual story behind it.

   Before Hamilton watches come to the master’s wrist, they have to undergo rigorous design and planning processes, including the selection or creation of suitable movements and the production of superior quality parts to give the design vitality. The finished watch is carefully assembled in the Hamilton Watchmaking Workshop and undergoes strict quality inspections and tests.

   The watch design covers everything from the crown to the buckle, from the dial to the hands to the Hamilton movement.

   Our watches, including the brand’s new Jazz automatic chronograph, are made in Switzerland, and quality is a key consideration when assembling a watch.

   The movement is the heartbeat that drives the watch. Whether it is a quartz or mechanical movement, an automatic movement or a manual movement, the movement must be functional and practical for the watch. Many of Hamilton’s self-winding watches are equipped with specially modified movements. Each movement is fitted into the case after careful inspection by the watchmaker.

   The case is the ultimate destination of the movement. Hamilton watch cases are usually made of stainless steel, the classic watchmaking material, matte sandblasted, finely polished, or coated with a striking PVD coating to add color.

   The dial is often referred to as the ‘face’ of a watch. This component best reflects the unique personality of the watch, so the pursuit is just right. The hands that indicate time, including the superior blue flame hands, follow the direction of the movement.

   The finishing touch of the finished watch is another important consideration. From sturdy metal bracelets to practical rubber straps, from exquisite leather straps to durable ‘NATO’ NATO military straps, there is always a strap that fits every Hamilton watch series appropriately. The new Jazz series slim watch came out in 2018, the design concept goes further, with a series of replaceable leather straps, you can choose according to your mood and style, so that you can personalize the combination with your watch.


Citizen Citizen × Toyota86 Reignite The Racing Soul

The CITIZEN × TOYOTA 86 limited edition watch that surprised many car and watch lovers in 2012, after two years of hardening, the two king brands were launched again in 2014. The second generation of the TOYOTA 86 is a joint global limited edition watch. Domineering sports appearance, the second generation TOYOTA 86 global limited edition watch also echoes the most classic and representative TOYOTA 86 sports car, the streamlined bright appearance with an uninhibited sense of speed. The coupe of the TOYOTA 86, which caused thousands of people to pre-order, has created an amazing legend in the sports car market. The first-generation TOYOTA 86 global limited edition watch has also become a favorite collection of car fans and watch fans. Today, The second generation of the TOYOTA 86 Global Limited Edition watch, which has begun to be called, will once again ignite a whirlwind of joint sports watches.

Racing soul of TOYOTA 86
Put the second-generation CITIZEN X TOYOTA 86 global limited edition watch on your hand, and you will be immediately attracted by its strong momentum. With an atmospheric surface of 52.5mm, it perfectly displays the sports soul of racing cars. The second generation of the TOYOTA 86 global joint limited watch is inspired by the dashboard of the TOYOTA 86 sports car. The 24-hour three-ring arrangement and the chronograph display of the stopwatch function are the most unique. The hands on the watch are the same design as the TOYOTA 86. When the wearer puts the watch on his hand, it looks like It is integrated with the TOYOTA 86-seater. Although the second generation of the TOYOTA 86 global joint limited watch uses a large surface design, the titanium material is specially designed in terms of materials, and the unique DLC diamond-coated coating technology is used to prevent the watch from being easily scratched. At the same time, it can also have light effect. In addition, the watch’s adjustment button and 9 o’clock direction are equipped with anti-slip accessories, allowing wearers to easily operate the watch and go with them.

CITIZEN X TOYOTA 86 joins hands again to launch the second-generation global limited edition watch, with a smooth appearance full of racing feel, igniting the passionate soul of fans and watch fans

As the perfect partner of TOYOTA 86, the powerful features of CITIZEN also make the second-generation CITIZEN X TOYOTA 86 global limited edition watch more perfect, in addition to being able to operate continuously for 7 years after being fully charged (full charge in power saving mode) At the same time, it supports 1/1000 second stopwatch timing function, 43 city world time, countdown timer countdown timer, alarm function, LED light display, speed display, calculation of average rate, storage of best records and average records & every Many functions, such as the speed of recording and the function of the history of the competition, are powerful, not only moments, but also passion for life that will never die.

In the movable part of the adjustment button, the second-generation CITIZEN × TOYOTA 86 global limited edition watch uses smoother operating accessories for the wearer’s convenience, and each watch is accompanied by a fine-texture watch Box for car fans and watch fans to collect well, this beautiful treasure

King’s Mark
Just like a proof of identity, the second-generation TOYOTA 86 Global Limited Edition watch is also engraved with CITIZEN Eco-Dive light kinetic energy and TOYOTA 86’s dual logo on the case back. The second generation of the TOYOTA 86 global limited edition watch is equipped with CITIZEN’s most proud light kinetic energy movement. CITIZEN’s patented technology allows the watch to continue to operate as long as it uses visible light sources, and the concept of environmental protection allows electricity to be stored. Among the secondary batteries that can be recycled, such a prominent and innovative design is like the legendary TOYOTA 86 sports car. It also allows the immortal imprint of the two to be reflected in the second-generation TOYOTA 86 global limited edition watch. . In addition, the direction and crown of the watch’s dial are also engraved with the ’86’ Logo representing TOYOTA 86. Such a unique imprint shows the second generation of CITIZEN × TOYOTA 86 The pedigree of the world’s joint limited edition watch.

On the back of the second-generation CITIZEN × TOYOTA 86 global limited edition watch, it is engraved with the official exclusive lineage mark