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   In 2014, Longines celebrated its 60th anniversary of the formal registration of the ‘Conquest’ series. To commemorate this extraordinary historical event, Longines, the famous Swiss watchmaker, has launched the “Concas Heritage 60th Anniversary Limited Edition Watch” (Conquest Heritage 1954-2014). The Comcast series of commemorative limited edition watches launched this time inherits the original design of the Longines Concas series. It has three models of stainless steel, gold and rose gold. Each watch has a unique number and is limited to be issued. Its dial also follows the classic design that has made the Concas series famous for a long time. Just like the original, the case back of the Comcas commemorative limited edition watch is decorated with a gold painted seal-‘Longines Quality Gold Seal’.

   On May 5, 1954, Longines officially registered the patent rights for the ‘Conquest’ series of names through the Swiss Federal Intellectual Property Office. Once launched, the Concas watch was widely loved by the public for its precise performance and classic design. It was later remembered for providing timekeeping technology to several world-shocking feats, the most famous of which was to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. The feat provides speed measurement. As the perfect embodiment of Longines’s sporty elegance, the Comcas series embodies a life attitude that every second counts and bravely explores.

   In order to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the official registration of the ‘Concas’ series, Longines launched the ‘Concas 60th Anniversary Limited Edition Watch’. The commemorative limited edition watch has the words ‘Conquest’ printed on the dial and retains the original font to commemorate the time-honored Concas series. The commemorative limited edition watch launched this time has two versions. The first version is presented in three models of stainless steel, gold and rose gold. It is inspired by Longines’ first Concas watch launched in 1954. Original sunray silver dial. The second version was a watch with a gold case and a gold-plated dial. The original of this watch was hailed as ‘the new and proud pearl of the Comcast series’.

   Inheriting the unique design of the original, the bottom cover of the Comcas series of commemorative limited edition watches is also decorated with a gold painted seal. This unique ‘Longines quality golden seal’ symbolizes the quality assurance of the Comcast series. Gold and rose gold watches are engraved with the ‘sea stars’ pattern on the bottom stamp, while the steel models are carved with the ‘fish swimming in the water’ pattern. Each commemorative limited edition watch has a unique number printed on a black alligator leather strap. Gold and rose gold models are limited to 60 pieces each, and steel models are limited to 600 pieces.
   Longines was founded in Sommia, Switzerland in 1832. Its relentless pursuit of tradition, elegance and superior performance has resulted in the brand’s pure watchmaking expertise. Longines has a wealth of experience and tradition of glory as the official timekeeper of the World Championships and a partner of the International Sports Federation. Longines is a well-known brand under the Swatch Group, a leading global watch manufacturer. This brand, which is marked by a flying wing hourglass, has been found in more than 130 countries around the world.

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