2013 Swiss Mido Tianjin And Nanjing Station Listing Event

On September 26th and 28th, 2013, the Swiss Mido Watch 2013 ‘Enjoying Inspiration · Building · The Great Wall Between Your Wrists’ series of events opened new chapters in the prosperous business districts of Tianjin and Nanjing, respectively. Many fashion media and distinguished guests gathered on the scene, while experiencing the new interpretation of inspiration and time by Mido Watch, together witnessed the significant moment in the history of the brand. During the event, Swiss Mido brought everyone a new Great Wall series watch that condenses the essence of Swiss traditional watchmaking technology and the miracle of Chinese architecture. It contains the different wisdom of East and West in the wrist of the engraving time and condenses the charm of Wanli Xiongguan. The square inch space in the dial has become a new milestone for Mido. As the first dazzling appearance of Swiss Mido in 2013, Mr. Wu Zun, an Asian superstar, came to the scene and unveiled with the guests at the 2013 “Meet the Inspiration · Build the Great Wall Between the Wrists” of Swiss Mido in 2013 and Nanjing Station. And send my deepest wishes to Mido Watch.

Ms. Wang Yan, Vice President of Mido China, presented Mr. Wu Zun with a wrist of Mido Great Wall series

 After being baptized for 95 years, Swiss Mido has been pursuing ‘classic’ and ‘eternal’. This artistic exploration through time and space is the same as the spiritual precipitation of the Great Wall. When the persistent Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship meets the magnificent Chinese architectural miracle, the timeless inspiration that emanates from it can turn the moment into eternity and make classics exquisite. In the memory of Chinese people, the Great Wall is a symbol of a great era, but also an embodiment of national vitality, creativity and cohesion. The grinding and accumulation of time has endowed this ancient building with an indelible and ever-growing spirit; the proudly standing building has proven its tenacity and permanence for thousands of years with its tenacity and tolerance. The Swiss watchmaking philosophy once again ignited the ultimate creative inspiration. Subtle choices were made in the connection. The Great Wall watch is a wonderful fusion of architecture and watchmaking inspiration. Mido watches will bring the miracle of the East to your wrist. Every watch condenses inspiration. Creativity, classic and immortal architecture become a source of inspiration, so that everyone with a Great Wall watch can become the creator of inspiration.

Wu Zun’s Mido Great Wall Series 42mm Men’s Watch
 The dancer’s agile dancing moves on the stage to reflect the traditional Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship and China’s long-established historical building. Time is frozen in this magnificent building. The audience’s thoughts are shuttled with different changes in this architectural artwork. Time and space, feel the unique artistic atmosphere and the beauty of architecture. Models wearing the Swiss Mido Great Wall series watches appeared on the stage. Each model seemed to represent the wisdom of Chinese children, perfectly interpreting the unique relationship between architecture and watchmaking. It is believed that the inspiration storm brought by Swiss Mido in 2013 will definitely allow people in it to fully experience the art of watchmaking where solid architecture and flowing time blend together.

Wu Zun and models showcase Mido Great Wall watch together
 The grand debut of Asian popular superstar Mr. Wu Zun even set off a passionate storm. As an old friend of Swiss Mido Watch, he joined hands with Mido Watch again in 2013, paying attention and participating in this year’s Mido activities. At the event site, Wu Zun recalled the past “Meidu Journey” very happily and shared with the audience this year the experience of cooperating with Mido Watch “Enjoying Inspiration · Building the Great Wall Between Wrists”. Wu Zun said that Mido watch incorporates the classic architectural inspiration of the Great Wall into watch design and is very innovative. For the Great Wall, Wu Zun expressed his hope to have its tenacity to face various challenges in life. In 2013, he will work with Mido to present more and better works to audiences who love him.

Mr. Wu Zun signed a photo in front of the counter of Lebe department store in Tianjin
 In order to thank Mr. Wu Zun for his support for Mido Watch, the leaders of Swiss Mido gave him the exquisite Great Wall series men’s watch. I hope this watch can accompany Wu Zun’s future life path, and also wish his artistic development The better I can go, the better. Time has given Swiss Mido watches enough recognition. Mido firmly believes that the real design is more tested than the current trend. Mido intends to create a watch that can be handed down from time to time, and for everyone who wears it, to record time and memorable shining moments in life. The Swiss Mido watch is always full of extraordinary innovation ability, leaving the classics forever.

Mr. Wu Zun, the most popular idol in Asia, was interviewed by media