Two beautifully stretched asymmetrical lugs extend along the round case, letting people see it at the same time; the rich and full bezel arc is further enhanced by the small and large single-row diamond inlay. It is even more prominent; the slender Roman numerals are set against a pure and flawless dial; and the matching gold chain makes it impossible to misidentify its identity. As the unquestionable contemporary signature, the Limelight Gala watch condenses the extreme feminine charm of the Count Piaget, and is born elegant and sexy.

Limelight Gala recreates the earl style of the 1970s

   The 1970s were an era of freedom, boldness and uninhibitedness. And the Limelight Gala series of watches that were born at that time fully interpreted the trend of the era-immediately following the bracelet watch and necklace watch-with its unmatched Piaget style rooted in a strong design language, conquered the then Rich celebrities. Obtained by the brand’s creative ideas, it symbolizes the ancient feminine charm, and also fulfills the vision of creating a watch for women. It’s all about aesthetics, balance, proportion and detail. Piaget Piaget re-engraved this classic model for the first time in 2013 and launched the Limelight Gala series with silk straps. Now it will be covered with gold again, returning in a unique posture, using the crisp lines of the Milanese mesh strap to contrast its soft curves.
Piaget’s golden path

   Under the preference of Gerard Earl and Valentin Earl, the third generation of the brand, gold was alternately sculpted and shaped to create a smooth, unobtrusive, soft, fabric-like chain. Excellent watchmaking material. The two made an important decision together in 1957, using only precious metals to make a watch—namely, polished or diamond-studded gold or platinum—to ensure that the look of the work was as precious as it was inherent. This incomparable brand identity is due to the use of a series of cutting-edge technologies in gold finishing, and has been recognized by the world for its unique skills and delicate expertise.