Month: March 2012

Special ‘captain’ Tasting Omega Seamaster Series Steel Watch

Omega (uppercase Ω, lowercase ω), also known as Big O, is the twenty-fourth Greek letter and the last Greek letter. It symbolizes the beginning and end of things, the first and last. Represents the extraordinary quality of ‘perfect, extreme, excellence, achievement’. Omega wristwatches, founded in 1848, have consistently topped the list in China due to their precise travel time, stylish appearance and high durability.

  Mentioned Omega’s hippocampus watch, in this decade, due to its strong sports and functional appearance, and with more diving watch features, such as deeper waterproof depth, rotatable scale bezel, chronograph function, high visibility The dial is loved by watch friends all over the world. Today, the Watch House brings you an Omega tribute to the American Golf Ryder Cup watch, the Sea Horse series Aqua Terra ‘Golf’ special edition watch, and the regular version of this watch is affectionately known by watch friends ‘Captain of the hippocampus’, the official model of the watch is:

  At first glance, this watch is a classic and tough timepiece, celebrating the glorious ocean legend of Omega. The 41.5 mm stainless steel case is equipped with a bezel, and the vertical texture on the lacquered silver dial of the iconic ‘Teak Concept’ of the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra ‘Golf’ watch is reminiscent of the teak deck on a luxury yacht. Triangular arched blue hour and minute hands with 18K yellow gold seconds hand. With a stainless steel bracelet. This certified astronomical watch is equipped with the Omega 8500 ‘Zhenzhen coaxial movement’, which can withstand magnetic fields above 15,000 Gauss. The movement is clearly visible through the transparent case back. Provides 150 meters of water resistance.

  Viewed from the side, the case is of medium thickness with sharp edges and corners, and the cut on the bezel is exquisitely polished. The brushed metal design on the case reveals a strong metallic texture, and the men’s tough style is well reflected, and it can also cover the scratches generated during wearing. As a professional diving watch, the screw-in gear steel crown is finely polished and has a good feel. The top of the crown is engraved with the omega representative symbol ‘Ω’. .

  The workmanship of the bracelet is very meticulous. The outer and inner edges of the stainless steel bracelet use two different methods of drawing and polishing, which undoubtedly increases the steps and difficulty of the watchmaker’s part processing. Three rows of metal chain links are flexible and comfortable to wear. With a butterfly buckle of the same material, the classic Omega symbol is decorated on the buckle.

  The design of the lugs still attaches great importance to ergonomics. The lugs and the stainless steel strap are perfectly integrated into one. The lugs are basically flush with the first section of the stainless steel strap, which does not affect the wrist in daily life. different activities.

  The dial features the vertical texture of the lacquered silver dial of the iconic ‘Teak Concept’ of the Aqua Terra ‘Golf’ watch, with a three-pin design. The watch is equipped with triangular arched blue hour and minute hands and an 18k yellow gold second hand. The hour scale is rhodium-plated, with a red transfer design and blue Arabic numerals on the outside for 5 minutes. These color elements contrast with the silver dial and are inspired by the Ryder Cup logo. A calendar window at 3 o’clock adds to the practicality of this watch. The arched, wear-resistant sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment on both sides provides comprehensive protection for this unique dial.

  The back of the sapphire crystal back cover, the stainless steel around the back cover is very polished and polished, Omega’s own exquisite movement can be seen at a glance. Equipped with the Omega 8500 self-winding coaxial movement, it has more lasting superior accuracy and stability. Can withstand the interference of strong magnetic fields of more than 15,000 Gauss. A cardless balance with silicon hairspring and double barrels arranged in succession. The two-way automatic winding system can shorten the winding time. Unique Arabic-inspired Geneva ripples on the splint and rotor. Provides a power reserve of about 60 hours.

  In summary: Omega Seamaster series watches include stylish appearance, precise travel time, high durability and cost-effectiveness. They are outstanding in practicality and are the most popular models in diving watches. This special Omega watch pays tribute to the Ryder Cup golf held in the United States. It is different from the ordinary ‘captain of the hippocampus’ with an 18k gold second hand and the color of this watch is more vivid. Their favorite. (Picture / text watch home Dong Hang)


Innovative Thinking Achieving A Moment Of Success – Jincheng Wu Qing Qing Starred In The 2012 Citizen Surreal Movie (Official Website Update On August 6)

Great innovation comes from insistence on conviction. ‘This slogan from Citizen cooperated with the brand spokesperson—the international superstar Mr. Kinshiro Takeshi’s vision of wisdom, passion and willpower. It was launched two years ago This has triggered a strong inner resonance among many consumers. In 2012, the two parties entered a third year of cooperation. Jincheng Wu will continue to be the spokesperson for Citizen China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan, and shoot the same theme. The latest print and TV commercials interpret the strong convictions emanating from the inside out when ‘Decisive Moments’ and once again perfectly interpret the brand’s innovative thinking.

   In the new commercial, Citizen uses black and white to create a surreal scene, and uses creative flashback techniques combined with highly visual tension to vividly transform the instant invisible willpower into the eyebrows of Jincheng Wu. The perseverance of the demeanor and the determination of the steps show the ‘decisive moment’ of decisiveness and the persistent charm shown in insisting on faith. Citizen hopes to stimulate viewers’ imagination with a new advertising film: what will happen when you have faith and take the first step towards your goal; whether you can break through all upcoming challenges and finally achieve success, both It will depend on the moment you are determined to face it.
    In addition to taking part in Mr. Takeshi Kaneshiro, Citizen also invited Greg Williams, the world’s top celebrity photographer, Christian Bevilacqua, winner of the Cannes Young Directors Award, and well-known photography director Ottar Gudnason to form a ‘creative dream team’ for the public An unparalleled visual feast. Greg Williams said that although the advertising vision is just a picture, it is alive and alive. ‘In the shooting, I tried to explore Kanshiro Takeshi’s way of thinking in order to capture the moment of the inner touch behind his eyes.’ And this An advocating creativity and focusing on internal shooting ideas coincide with the Citizen’s ‘innovative thinking’ brand philosophy.

    Citizen Super Air Eagle BY0074 Citizen Eco-Drive Super Titanium CA0341-52E
    In this new advertising image, two watches worn by Takeshi Kaneshiro are: Citizen Super Sky Eagle BY0074-50E and Citizen Eco-Drive Super Titanium CA0341-52E. The former’s use of electrokinetic energy wave technology has realized the watch’s nearly perfect automatic management of time; the latter uses Citizen’s unique ion plating technology to make the watch more lightweight and wear-resistant, allowing consumers to fully experience the innovative technology Peace of mind. While committed to bringing high value-added light-powered watch products to people, Citizen also hopes to be able to bring a new inspiration and innovation to those who are committed to innovation and brave themselves with a new advertising image that interprets ‘innovative thinking’. excitation.