2012 Baselpol Railway Chief Series Legend Model

BALL Watch was born in the heyday of the 19th century American railway. The brand has always been known for its precision, high quality and reliability. As early as 1891, the founder of Bolt (Webb C. Ball) named the company with his own name, introduced the first railway standard timing system, and later became the reference of the Swiss Observatory certification standard. This standard has been used to this day . Inspired by one of the earliest Trainmaster series timepieces from 1952, Ball Watch proudly announces the new Trainmaster Legend model. Combining elegance, lightness and simplicity, it brings a new interpretation to this classic collection of Bolt watches.
 The Trainmaster series was born in recognition of the Chief Railway Officer who oversees the smooth operation of the railway network. The railway chief needs to handle many aspects of railway work, including implementing company policies, supervising trains, stations and employees, managing train operation tests and safety programs, controlling costs and investigating train accidents, and more. This series of watches naturally echoed the first watch engraved with the ‘Bohr Standard’ of the year, which also symbolized reliability and precision, ensuring the safe operation of trains.
 The stainless steel case with a diameter of 40 mm and a thickness of 11.45 mm is polished. The Legend model is undoubtedly an extremely elegant and sophisticated watch. Its dial exudes a classic atmosphere, with silver, black or gray as the main design, simple and natural, in order to make the dial display highly clear. The scale position is specially provided with a protruding metal edge to enhance the contrast with the dial and further increase the legibility of the watch. The scales at three, six, nine and twelve o’clock are designed with reference to the hands on the sundial, making the dial more delicate and elegant. Built-in ETA2824-2 automatic mechanical movement, providing hours, minutes, seconds and date display, accurate and reliable.
 Loyal to the concept that Bohr watches can still be accurate in harsh environments, the legendary model can pass the 5,000Gs impact test and is 30 meters waterproof. Its anti-glare sapphire crystal glass and screw-in crown provide easy and safe operation. Timing.
 The most important feature of the Bol watch is the Swiss 3H self-luminous miniature gas lamp, which is inlaid into the dial scale and placed on the hands. With this cutting-edge technology in Switzerland, the self-luminous miniature gas lamp is 100 times brighter than conventional luminous paints without relying on external light or energy. Recently, the Bohr watch has further improved its luminous effect, especially the miniature gas lamp is set on the metal scale. This patented new technology has greatly improved the efficiency of gas lamps and enhanced light scattering. In this way, even in a completely dark environment, the most precious value of the watch can still be revealed.
 The legendary model comes with a stainless steel strap with a discount, or a premium alligator leather strap with a pin buckle. This superb watch showcases chic and exquisite charm, without a doubt becoming the latest accessory indispensable for fashionable men, and the ultimate tribute to the earliest Trainmaster series in 1952. Today, Bol Watch continues to follow the established route of the brand, once again being identified as the leader in the history of watchmaking and the modern adventure timepiece.
 The earliest railmaster trainmaster series of 1952
Model: NM3080D-SJ-BK / GY / SL, NM3080D-LJ-BK / GY / SL
Movement: ETA 2824-2 automatic movement
Function: A total of 6 self-illuminating miniature gas lamps are inlaid on the pointer and the surface, which is convenient for reading at night
Shock resistance: Pass 5,000 Gs impact test
Water resistance: 30 m / 100?
Hour, minute, second and date display
Case: stainless steel case
40 mm diameter, 11.45 mm thickness
Anti-glare sapphire crystal
Screw-down crown
Strap: Stainless steel strap with discount, or high-quality crocodile leather strap with pin buckle
Surface: black, grey or silver