Month: September 2011

Frank Muller Crazy Time Full Swiss Ladies Watch

Although it has the title of ‘Master of Fine Watchmaking’, the Swiss watch brand Frank-Müller has always been looking for new and unusual ways to display time. This is the fourth version of this watch, and immediately after its listing, it won widespread recognition for the young watchmaking company established in 1991.

  Franck Muller watches are named after their designers and he is also the founder of the company. Franck Muller is personally involved in the design of each individual piece and has made new changes to their Crazy Watch collection.

  The originality of the Crazy Hours Totally Switzerland Watch is reflected in its unique way of displaying time correctly. Most of the long and short hand watches we are familiar with express time in a simple way-that is, the hands continue to cycle clockwise from 1 to 12 on the dial, but this watch is completely different . The new timepiece designed by Franck Muller has a unique arrangement of time stamps. Only the ‘1’ time mark is in the normal position, and the other time marks are in unexpected positions. Basically, each adjacent time mark is in the opposite position of the dial.

Complex time jump

  In order to ensure that the new dial accurately reflects the time, Franck Muller has invented a device that allows the hour hand to jump to the correct place every time the minute hand completes the cycle. This display may be confusing at first, but it breaks all the usual patterns and points out a whole new way to display time. The shape of the Franck Muller Crazy Hours Totally Switzerland Watch is square, which seems quite huge even for modern watches. The two-body case is made of polished and brushed 18K white gold, 59.2 mm high, 35.2 mm wide, and 13.3 mm thick. The case also has vertical lugs and a screwed watch back. The watch’s red dial is dominated by a central white cross and oversized white Arabic numerals, covered with a sapphire glass cover. The red clock face and white markers complement each other and are embellished with translucent lacquered twists. The time is marked by a blue steel hand with a spade shape. Since the number marks on the dial are arranged in a random order, to show the correct time, this watch is equipped with a Caliber 2800 HF automatic movement composed of 186 two-tone rhodium-plated components and brocade decoration. In addition, the movement uses 23 gems and additional shock protection, with a 42-hour power reserve. The watch strap is hand-stitched alligator leather with a 18K white gold buckle. The watch is water-resistant to 30 meters.


Bao Bao Held A Grand Concert In Spain

Since the brand was founded, Breguet has established a special connection with classical music, and its history has always been remembered by famous composers and musicians, such as Gioachino Rossini (Gioachino Rossini ) Or Arthur Rubinstein.

 To pay tribute to this particular source, the brand often regularly sponsors special events, such as a recent concert in Madrid. Breguet specially invited customers and media reporters from Spain to enjoy the unique performances of two internationally renowned opera singers Angela Gheorghiu and TeodorIlincai.

 The concert is held in the RoyalTheater, the cultural mecca of Madrid. After the concert, guests were invited to a delicious dinner on the theatre terrace and enjoy the spectacular views of the Royal Palace of Madrid.