From August 22nd to 30th, the 2015 Beijing IAAF World Track and Field Championships will officially kick off at the National Stadium, and Seiko watches will be the official timekeeper of the event. Since Rome in 1987, Seiko has been the official timekeeper for the 14th World Track and Field Championships. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the cooperation between Seiko and the IAAF. In the process of close cooperation, Seiko has developed a number of cutting-edge technological achievements for the IAAF.
   This year is no exception. Seiko will introduce a completely new design of track display boards, wind display boards and lap counters for the Beijing IAAF World Athletics Championships. LED technology will also be used to display the results of the races. Referees have easier access to this information.
Seiko display board next to the track

   Not only that, Seiko plans to combine these new display devices with the display panels of field events introduced at the 2013 Moscow IAAF World Athletics Championships to build a complete stadium information display network. By then, no matter where the audience is seated, they can enjoy the concurrent competitions. This improvement will greatly improve the audience’s viewing experience.