Month: February 2010

Xiao Tingfeng Tasted Oris Artix’s Multifunctional Moon Phase Profit And Loss Table

At first glance, you can feel the beauty of its simple, refined and elegant pure design. And if you watch carefully, you can appreciate the rich connotation contained in its Sven appearance.
Oris latest models are equipped with a number of special features that can meet the preferences of watch fans.
    Oris Artix’s versatile moon phase profit and loss statement has a low-key but striking character. It is a member of the Artix family in the Oris culture series, and it is the first time that Oris has integrated the moon phase display, the day of the week and the month window, and the most popular analog full-calendar function into a carefully crafted watch.
    The black dial with double-layer construction delicately presents a 3D layered texture, and has become the best stage for performing many functions, highlighting the unique craftsmanship of the watch. The stainless steel case with a size of 42.00mm is especially composed of four parts, which not only maintains excellent precision, but also adds power to the moon camera core.
    This model has a choice of leather strap and stainless steel bracelet. Water resistance is 10 times the atmospheric pressure, making it a purely mechanical watch with not only a refined appearance but also practical functions.
A watch with a combination of creativity and classic functions, whether it is a glance or a careful appreciation, is eye-catching.


Four Strong Dusts Set Off, Detonate The Final Chapter Of Passion, The Official Timing Of The 2018 World Cup Russia Hublot Hublot And Brand Ambassador Lang Lang Unveiled The ‘hublot Love Football’ China Tour Exhibition Shanghai Station

The 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia is coming to an end. After countless moments of rapid heartbeat, the strong team was amazed by the cold out. The ups and downs of the competition were fierce. France, Belgium, Croatia and England broke through. After winning the top four seats, he is about to attack the highest honor in the world football-‘Hercules Cup’! The World Cup official timepiece and official watch, the famous Swiss watchmaking brand HUBLOT Hublot, interprets the magic of football with precise timekeeping, and injects 100% enthusiasm for the warriors who ride the green. In the summer of 2018, the Hublot Love Football China tour exhibition ushered in Shanghai after Xi’an, Chengdu, Shenyang, and Beijing. Hublot brand ambassador and international piano master Lang Lang appeared in Shanghai Henglong Plaza. Tongyu The watch is looking forward to the peak showdown.

Hublot Loves Football Shanghai Station

Lang Lang’s World Cup moment

   For football superstars, after years of hard work, they have honed their extraordinary skills, and then exchanged their wonderful performances on the green court. Similarly, for the Hublot brand ambassador and international piano master Lang Lang, the wonderful movements played at the fingertips require countless days and nights of hard work to finally reach the world-class level.

   Lang Lang, who has loved football since childhood, is not only an international piano master, but also a senior fan. When the championship race is about to unveil, Mr. Lang Lang and Hublot presented a new and interesting football moment. At the event in Shanghai, Lang Lang turned into a ‘goalkeeper’ and tried to save the ball. With a keen judgment, he successfully challenged a variable ‘penalty shootout’. In table football, he even relied on his flexible hands to score beautiful Goal.

Lang Lang and Louis Beaver, General Manager of Hublot Greater China

‘As a hardcore fan, I have been watching the World Cup since 1994. The finals were held between Brazil and Italy. Baggio’s last penalty penalty picture reminds me of it. Although I watched too many matches, but This time not only witnessed the key battle of Group C of the World Cup, but also watched with my mother, making this World Cup trip more warm and more memorable. ‘—— Hublot brand ambassador, piano master Lang Lang

Hublot’s World Cup moment
   When the dust of the 2018 Russia World Cup finals is settled, the real green war has just begun. Hublot has cooperated with the FIFA World Cup since 2010. Hublot’s special BigBang watch-type fourth referee time plate specially created for the fourth referee of the game will continue to witness exciting moments on the field, among fans and the world. With the attention of hundreds of millions of spectators, it helped the fourth referee to show the time of stoppage time and display the substitution situation in the game. In a 90-minute football game, each team is eager to make history and focus billions of eyes on the world. As the official timekeeper and official watch of the 2018 Russia World Cup, Hublot was commissioned by FIFA to create a BigBang 2018 Russia World Cup referee watch for match referees. In all the matches of this World Cup Intelligent technology runs through the entire stadium, helping referees to make more fair and impartial punishments, and have full control over every inch. Hublot and hundreds of millions of fans will witness every unique glory event.
   In the stellar World Cup, Hublot not only helped the referees record the game time, but also witnessed every minute of the coaching of the Hublot family members and the moment of struggle on the field. Swiss star Xherdan Shaqiri contributed key assists; included Russian coach Stanislav Cherchesov, England coach Gareth Southgate, and Belgian coach Roberto Martinez Many famous coaches, including French team coach Didier Deschamps, have also presented wonderful formations and led the team to keep moving forward. Maradona, the king of the ball, has even appeared on the field, wearing two iconic Hublot BigBangUnico watches at the same time, cheering for the motherland Argentina. With the deepening cooperation between Hublot and the football field, it not only serves as the time controller on the green field, but also becomes the recorder of the passion on the spot.