Interpretation Of Classic Comfort And Extraordinary Breitling Aviation Flight B04 Chronograph

Breitling Chronoliner launches a new limited edition, equipped with Breitling’s homemade B04 movement, not only has a very convenient and practical dual time zone system, but also because of its distinctive blue ‘war ‘A’ is particularly eye-catching. A unique and timeless classic design brings a new charm to this prestigious aviation chronograph watch.

   The Breitling Chronoliner not only has an accurate automatic winding chronograph movement, but also is equipped with a 24-hour second time zone display function, as well as a high-tech ceramic rotation that also reads the time in the third time zone with a 24-hour scale. The bezel helps the wearer to accurately measure the flight time, and easily handles long-distance flights anywhere in the world. It is truly a ‘pure captain’s watch.’
   Today, Breitling has added a special edition version of this highly acclaimed watch series, equipped with Breitling’s self-made B04 movement, which is exceptionally user-friendly. This outstanding power ‘engine’ was developed and produced by Breitling on its own, is certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC), and is known for its highly functional dual time zone system. The wearer only needs to pull out the crown and rotate forward or backward in hours to adjust the main hour hand to the local time without affecting the accuracy of the minute hand. The date can also be adjusted automatically forward or backward simultaneously. At the same time, the second hour hand with a red tip continues to indicate the home time in a 24-hour format and can easily distinguish between day and night.

   In order to further highlight the extraordinary characteristics of this original high-performance watch, Breitling integrates the stainless steel case with the blue bezel and dial design, and the dial is adorned with a silver cumulative timer. This new model is paired with an Aero Classic rubber strap. The embossed pattern is reminiscent of the chic design of the Breitling stainless steel woven bracelet from the 1950s to the 60s.
   Like all Breitling watches and clocks, the Chronoliner B04 chronograph watch is committed to supporting its high-strength use in the most severe environments with its outstanding performance characteristics. Rugged case, water-resistant to 100 meters (330 feet), curved sapphire crystal with double-sided anti-glare treatment, super scratch-resistant ceramic bezel supplemented with a star design to enhance operating performance, even when wearing gloves freely.

   The bottom of the Breitling Aviation B04 Chronograph (Chronoliner B04) is decorated with a unique iconic Breitling girl pattern and engraved with ‘Special delivery’. This new model is limited to 100 pieces worldwide and is only available exclusively at about 50 Breitling boutiques around the world.
   With a unique and timeless charm, the spirit of Breitling Aviation is vividly interpreted.


Chopard Introduces The New L.U.C Perpetual T Chinese Zodiac Spirit Perpetual Calendar Watch

For the second year in a row, Chopard launched the unique L.U.C series complex function creation-L.U.CPerpetualT Chinese Zodiac Spirit Perpetual Calendar Watch. This watch combines a perpetual calendar, a tourbillon and an impressive 9-day power reserve. It is inspired by the Chinese zodiac and is decorated with a unique relief pattern.

 The case is made of 18K Fairmined rose gold, with a diameter of 43 mm and a thickness of 15.02 mm. Except for the top and back of the lugs, which are hand-carved and retouched, this work takes a full 210 hours. The zodiac signs are sorted counterclockwise, starting with the ‘rat’ on the left of 12 o’clock and ending with the ‘pig’ on the right of 12 o’clock. In addition, the bezel is engraved with Chinese-style grain patterns.

 The solid gold dial is printed with repeating geometric patterns, inspired by traditional Chinese temple architecture. Perpetual calendar information is displayed by two sub-dials at 3 and 9 o’clock, while tourbillons and oversized calendar display windows are set at 6 and 12 o’clock, respectively.

 This watch is equipped with Chopard’s independent L.U.Ccal.02.15-L movement. Although the internal mechanism is covered by two bridges, the finishing process is meticulous. The movement is certified by the COSC Observatory and has the Geneva Quality Mark. The movement provides a power reserve of up to 9 days for various functions through the ‘Quattro’ four barrel system. The bridge on the barrel is equipped with a power reserve display function, so the wearer can know the remaining power reserve information accordingly.

 Chopard’s new L.U.CPerpetualT Chinese Zodiac Spirit Perpetual Calendar watch is the only one with a price of 270,000 Swiss francs, equivalent to about 1.88 million yuan. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)


Georges Kern Will Be Breitling Ceo

People close to Breitling have confirmed that the brand has appointed Georges Kern as the new CEO.

   Previously, Georges Kern worked for Richemont as the Group’s director of watch, marketing and digital business. Last week, Georges Kern unexpectedly resigned, followed by rumors that he was heading to a rival company.
   17 years ago, Georges Kern joined Richemont Group. When the management of Richemont Group was restructured last November, Georges Kern was appointed to temporarily hold the group’s watch business, which later became a permanent position.
   From 2002 to March 2017, Georges Kern has been the CEO of IWC and has led the brand recovery and resurgence.
   Following the new Breitling CEO, Georges Kern will be responsible for the company’s global development, focusing on the digital and retail business, particularly in the Asian market.
   Breitling is expected to officially announce the appointment in the coming days.


Hublot Joins Hands With Dominican Cigar Brand Fuente To Host A New Product Launch Event

On October 13, 2017, Swiss premium brand Hublot joined hands with Dominican century-old cigar brand Arturo Fuente to hold a new watch launch event and cigar tasting session at Taiyuan Villa, 160 Taiyuan Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai. The press conference showcased the brand’s new masterpiece of the classic fusion series this year. The classic fusion series Fuente limited edition watch once again explained the infinite artistic charm of fusion, and together with the Fuente cigar brand leader CarlitoFuente and the guests present a segment Don’t take a trip to Dominican culture.

 This time, the venue of the new product launch was chosen to be held in Shanghai Taiyuan Villa with a strong atmosphere and elegant environment. Its main building was completed in 1928 and was formerly known as Dibec. This French-style building is a classic garden house in the late European Renaissance. The Monsa-style roof and the castle-like circular cone-shaped tower show its restrained and magnificent architectural art. breath. The overall layout is generous. Although it is located in the center of the city, it is quiet and quiet. It blends the prosperity of the city with the tranquility of the countryside. It coincides with Hublot’s ‘art of fusion’. The land is a little fortunate in life.

 At the press conference, Mr. LoicBiver, general manager of Hublot Greater China, and Mr. CarlitoFuente, Fuente’s cigar brand leader, jointly presented guests with the new classic fusion series Fuente limited edition watches.

 As the basic series of Hublot watches, compared with other models of the brand, the classic fusion in design, this series is simple and elegant, and has performed better in recent years. This time, the brand added three new works to this series, namely the bronze model, the king gold model and the titanium gold model. The new watch is a tribute to traditional craftsmanship and the spirit of the craftsman, paying tribute to the precision and craftsmanship required to produce high-quality cigars and timepieces.

Hublot Classic Fusion Collection Fuent Limited Watch Display

Hublot Classic Fusion Fuent Limited Edition

Hublot Classic Fusion Fuent Limited Edition King Gold
 The first watch was the King Gold model, which is a Hublot patented alloy made of gold and titanium. The case and bezel of this watch are engraved with tobacco leaves and the letter X, respectively, the latter being a symbol of the Fuente family. The back is decorated with special patterns reminiscent of the Cuban town of Guines, where the Fuente family originated. In addition, the bottom of the watch is decorated with the words ‘Châteaudela Fuente’. The watch is limited to 50 pieces and costs 231,200.

Hublot Classic Fusion Series Fuent Limited Watch Bronze Model Limited to 100 pieces Price: RMB130,700

Hublot Classic Fusion Series Fuent Limited Watch Titanium Gold Limited 100 Price: RMB115,200

Summary: The three Hublot classic fusion Fuente limited edition watches are equipped with the HUB1112 movement and have a 42-hour power reserve. And formally meet you at this conference. The simple shape combined with the classic series design, combined with the rich Fuente family logo elements, are perfectly interpreted in three materials, perfectly showing Hublot’s ‘fused art’ concept.


Sotheby’s Genevamay Sotheby’s May Auction Results

Sotheby’s important watch auction at Sotheby’s important watch auction luxury brand watches sought after by bidders, Patek Philippe company’s extremely rare chronograph with 722,500 Swiss francs (815,637 US dollars) the same day At the highest auction price. Rolex Daytona’s unique stainless steel watch ‘Paul Newman’ also performed well, selling for CHF 206,500 (USD 233,150).
Covering the history of watchmaking for five centuries from 1580 to the present, 280 lots sold for a total of 7,754,000 Swiss francs ($ 8,753,568). The strong prices of the lots are good for the Chinese, Turkish and Indian markets. The auction attracted buyers from all over the world, and more than 300 customers registered to compete.

Lot 185-Patek Philippe: An extremely rare 18-karat gold perpetual calendar chronograph, Ref. 2499, manufactured around 1960, estimated at 600,000-1,000,000 Swiss francs / 665,000-1,100,000 US dollars, actually 722,500 Swiss francs (815,637 US dollars) Shoot out.
Following the world record of a brown dial Daytona “Paul Newman” last November (sold at 464,500 Swiss francs-six times the highest estimate), lot 280-an extremely rare Oyster Cosmograph Daytona Oyster Perpetual ‘ ‘Paul Newman’ chronograph, circa 1967, sold for CHF 206,500 (USD 233,120), easily surpassing the pre-auction estimate CHF 100,000-150,000 (USD 111,000-166,000). The enthusiasm of the collector is undoubtedly due to the fact that the ‘Paul Newman’ dial, the unusual ‘Oyster’ symbol on the third line after ‘Rolex’ and ‘Cosmograph’, and the original case and warranty Throws.

Source: Sotheby’s


Eberhard & Co. Eberhard And Gran Premio Nuvolari-still Working Together 21 Years Later!

On Friday, the 22nd Gran Premio Nuvolari kicked off, and Eberhard & Co. Eberhard once again participated in the contest as an official partner and official timer. In this internationally significant international event, During racing, time the car.
This year’s event is particularly special: the classic team will travel through the beautiful land that has just been baptized by the earthquake not long ago, as a trust ambassador to pass the message to those who are undergoing hard reconstruction.
This year, there are more than 300 vintage cars planned to follow a fascinating route through the most beautiful historic cities in northern and central Italy. About 70 of them can be traced back to World War II. It’s incredible that this The record-breaking scene is probably only comparable to the Mille Miglia event.

At least 16 Eberhard teams will meet at the starting point: 4 foreign teams from Team Eberhard, and 12 teams from Classic Team Eberhard. There are eight classic cars dating back to before the Second World War, and eight cars from the 1950s and one from the 1960s.
This is the 21st year that Eberhard & Co. Eberhard has collaborated with this famous classic car event, and 2012 is the 125th anniversary of Eberhard & Co. Eberhard. The inspiration for the ‘Tazio Nuvolari’ chronograph series comes from this intimate partnership, which pays tribute to the legendary rider, Tazio Nuvolari historically known as ‘Mantua Flying Man’: the first chronograph The watch marks the beginning of the partnership, followed by the ‘Vanderbilt Cup’ and then the ‘Grand Prix’ limited edition, a perfect combination of tradition and innovation.
To celebrate the 120th anniversary of the birth of the great ‘Nivola’, Eberhard & Co. launched the ‘Tazio Nuvolari Data’, a sports-style automatic chronograph with a special feature of date display. This is the first chronograph with date display in the Tazio Nuvolari series since 1992.
On Sunday, September 23, against the magnificent background of Mantua’s Bibiena Theatre, Eberhard & Co presented the ‘Tazio Nuvolari’ chronograph to the champion of the competition and awarded two best-performing Italian teams and foreign teams Exclusive luxury silver cup.
In 21 years since its debut, Eberhard & Co. Eberhard has used this method to strengthen its relationship with Speed ​​World and classic car-style events.
Source: Eberhard & Co .


Appreciation Of Chanel Fine Watch Series

Camellia, which symbolizes purity and light, is Ms. Chanel’s favorite flower. It appears in the newly launched watch series, and blooms again for the romantic and jewelry-loving ladies.

Contemporary geometric models with interesting contemporary design have stunning proportions and shapes. The diameter of the round watch series is 29 cm, thick case, with embedded crystal glass and slightly protruding crown. Strong style with Swiss ETA quartz movement, wear-resistant sapphire crystal and lacquered dial

Metro Fashion
I use this table to pay tribute to Ms. Chanel. The large, square case, full of the atmosphere of the 1930s, contrasts with the Roman numerals arranged in a circle. There are several styles of the ladies series, including 18K gold, modern stainless steel, leather or pearl straps, which combine Chanel’s unique modernity and femininity. All models in this collection have a wear-resistant sapphire crystal and Swiss ETA quartz movement.


Breitling And Ironman Launch A New Super Ocean Limited Watch

Breitling announced to cooperate with IRONMAN, a subsidiary of Wanda Sports Group, to launch a new Super Ocean Automatic 44mm IRONMAN® Limited Watch (Model: A17371A11B1S1). As part of the partnership, Breitling became the official IRONMAN® luxury watch and will participate in a number of events, including the IRONMAN® 70.3® World Championships in Nice, France and the Vega® IRONMAN® World Championships in Kona, Hawaii, 2019.

   To celebrate the partnership and release of the new watch, the two parties hosted a special event in Breitling’s New York boutique, co-chaired by Thierry Prissert, President of Breitling America, and Andrew Messick, President and CEO of IRONMAN Group. More than 150 guests attended the event, including Paula Newby-Fraser, known as Queen Kona, who has won the IRONMAN® World Championship eight times, and IRONMAN® Voice Mike Reilly.

   To celebrate the partnership with IRONMAN® and its events, Breitling has added a new timepiece to the popular Super Ocean collection-the Super Ocean Automatic 44 mm IRONMAN® limited edition watch. The new watch features a 44 mm stainless steel case, a black dial with the IRONMAN® logo, and a red DiverPro III rubber strap with a pin buckle. A ratcheted unidirectional rotating bezel can be used to track underwater time and is an essential feature for divers.

   The numbers, time stamps and hands are coated with Super-LumiNova®, a fluorescent material that ensures optimal legibility in any lighting conditions. This COSC-certified precision timepiece features a central hour, minute and second display.

   This watch is equipped with a Breitling Caliber17 automatic mechanical movement, which provides 38 hours of power reserve. The water resistance of the entire watch reaches an astonishing 100 bar (about 1,000 meters).

   The Super Ocean Automatic 44mm IRONMAN® Limited Watch is engraved with the IRONMAN® logo and the word ‘ONEOF300’, highlighting this watch’s rare and limited status. It is reported that the watch will be on sale at Breitling’s own e-commerce channels, select boutiques, as well as the IRONMAN® 70.3® World Championships in Nice and the Krona IRONMAN® World Championships. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)


Reward Yourself An Advanced Watch At The End Of The Year

It is the end of a year of hard work, and our efforts are about to usher. Don’t buy an entry-level watch after issuing the year-end award! Remember to reward yourself with an advanced watch, let it witness and accompany your growth year after year.
Classic Portuguese meter IWC Portuguese Chronograph

   The Portuguese Chronograph is one of the most popular watches in the IWC Portuguese series. It incorporates sports characteristics and various features that are extremely suitable for daily use in the timeless and elegant design of the Portuguese series. The case with a diameter of 40.9 mm is moderate in size. It is equally suitable for both men and women. The 18K red gold Portuguese chronograph watch (model: IW371480) with a perfect proportion is an extremely precise timepiece. The precise ring scale can even record the time interval as small as a quarter of a second.
Art small three hands GP Girard Perregaux vintage 1945 series small seconds watch

   Girard-Perregaux retro 1945 series watch’s rectangular case design wins the beauty of Art Deco style. The new vintage 1945 series small seconds watch is equipped with a frosted straight blue dial for the first time, which has the same carefully calculated radians as the case; the blue dial contrasts with the satin-finished small seconds dial, and the bright red 60 on the small seconds The only bright embellishment throughout the design. The edge of the dial is a track-type minute scale, with elegant Breguet-style digital inlays, and the faceted Crown Prince-style hour and minute hands are bent by the hand to match the dial’s curvature, creating a pleasing reflective texture. The size of the stainless steel case is 36.20 x 35.25 mm, with a horizontal round frame on the top and bottom. This new work is equipped with the GP03300-0051 self-winding movement, which has the functions of hours, minutes and small seconds.
Powering TAG Heuer Monaco Calibre 6 Automatic Chronograph
  Powerful as Steve McQueen, as exciting as the world’s top events, the 2014 version of Monaco Calibre inherits the style of the Monaco series. The new model has a firm fashion style and a bold pure black appearance. The black titanium carbide coated case (special fine matte and Polished) and crown, black dial with white luminous hour markers, contrasting small red seconds and black dial. A perforated calfskin strap with red lining adds masculinity.
Elegant chronograph Montblanc Meisterstück chronometer chronograph

   The modern movement on this Meisterstück Heritage Pulsograph is hand-crafted and adjusted to the traditional Swiss watchmaking standards. The lugs naturally bend downward from the middle of the case, and fit ergonomically to the wrist of the wearer. The middle part of the case is designed vertically, and the Montblanc hexagonal white star logo set on the crown is embossed in solid gold or stainless steel. The classic round case has a variety of surface treatments: the bezel is polished and the middle piece is treated with horizontal matte finish, forming a sharp contrast. The slightly arched dial presents a delicate curved arc at the edges, creating a timeless retro look. Exquisite radiation pattern processing, so that the dial under different light conditions and angles can produce different visual effects. The elegantly shaped hour, minute hands and inlaid hour markers, combined with the moon phase display sub-dial in the perpetual calendar function, present a clear and full display effect in the dial.

Classic and refined Rolex classic CELLINI
   Rolex presents the new Cellini series, which embodies the classic style and timeless elegance of traditional watches in a contemporary spirit. The new Cellini series represents the most exquisite and charming in the watchmaking tradition, absolutely noble and elegant. The case is made by Rolex’s exclusive foundry and is available in 18 ct white gold or eternal rose gold. The classic circular design with a diameter of 39 mm is the brand’s traditional logo. The delicate shape of the ears, polished finishes, and double outer ring composed of a dome-shaped outer ring and a triangular-pitted outer ring make the watch unique. . Among them, the triangular pit pattern symbolizing Rolex is used for the screw-in case back, which is rounded like the old design. The trumpet-shaped screw-down crown underlines the delicate aesthetics of the Cellini series.
Equestrian events Longines Conquest Classic
  This Conquest Classic watch series truly interprets the core values ​​of Longines’ elegance, tradition and precision performance. The elegant and stylish design also contains resolute personality, which is suitable for movement and movement. The case diameter is 41 mm. Mechanical movement, especially recommended for men who love horse racing or equestrian sports.


Athens Watch Launches New 鎏 Golden 骐 骥 Watch To Welcome The Year Of The Horse

‘Let’s ride on the road, come to my husband.’ As the Year of the Horse approaches, Ulysse Nardin (Athens), the top Swiss watch brand, presents the ‘鎏 金 骐 骥’ to ​​celebrate the courage and determination of Maxima. Watch. The watch image, like a wild horse without a reins, seems to embody the spirit of freedom and unrestrained innovation pursued by independent watchmaking brands.

 Ulysse Nardin 鎏 Gold 骐 骥 Watch (Limited 88 pieces)

Just like all Athenian enamel watches, the 鎏 Golden 骐 骥 Watch is a lifelike expression of horses that is memorable. For the past 25 years, the Athenian watch has used a rare enamel process to realistically interpret a realism on the dial. In 2011, it acquired a long-term partner, Donzé Cadrans, a world-renowned enamel dial factory. Athenian watch is one of the few watchmaking brands specializing in this century-old craft.

The new ‘Golden Watch’ adopts a sophisticated and sophisticated method of filling enamel (champlevé), directly sculpting the area to be colored on the dial with a chisel, and then fill it with enamel solution. Its warm tones of black, white, tan, gray and green are refined from different metal oxides, perfectly depicting natural landscapes and a small group of beautiful animals. The dial is then baked at a high temperature to make the enamel enamel. After the enamel surface has cooled, it is polished and polished. An extraordinary work by the master of enamel craft was born.

The watch is made of 18K rose gold case, limited to 88 pieces, with a diameter of 40 mm. It is equipped with a UN-815 automatic winding movement. The blue crystal glass on the case back can be used to appreciate its beauty. The watch has a power reserve of about 42 hours, the Swiss official observatory certified COSC, and a chocolate brown hand-stitched alligator leather strap with rose gold pin buckle.

The watch design expresses the passion to move forward. Just as people need to work hard for life, ‘Golden 骐 骥’ is a watch full of emotions; it is a symbol of personal freedom and self-discipline. It is like the autonomy of Athens watch, suitable for thinking. For independent people.